Gold Coast - Queensland (Australia)

Robert Maddox-Harle (aka Rob Harle)

Photo Feature by
Robert Maddox-Harle (aka Rob Harle)

In this short photo essay I try to give a feel of this place of extreme contrasts known as The Gold Coast, south-eastern Queensland, Australia. Also better known as Surfer’s Paradise, a place of multi-cultural diversity, huge sky-scrapers, some built right on the sandy foreshores of the Pacific Ocean. In April 2018 the Gold Coast will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, massive road closures and a huge influx of visitors will ensure total chaos prevails for the two weeks of the games. I am recovering from major spinal surgery, staying at Broadbeach, close to the hospital as requested by my astonishingly talented surgeon. Thought I would share some photos of this world of contrasts, a place where money rules supreme!

Image 1 Never stop traffic congestion on the Gold Coast highway, notice the
sign – Get Set for the Games
Image 2 A Golden Palace at sunset - note the multi-directional wireless communication
tower attached to the top of the RESIDENTIAL building!
Image 3 Sky-scrapers, both existing and under construction touch the sand
at Broadbeach.
Image 4 Yet another construction site at Broadbeach the
crane trying to touch the clouds
Image 5 Early morning surprise from my hospital room window – three hot air balloons
gracefully float across the sky.
Image 6 A trio of cranes, they tear down the old and build up the new constantly.
Image 7 Quite an amazing design this building at Broadbeach Central
 the new Tower of Babel?
Image 8 Paraglider graces the morning sky.
Careful Icarus don’t fly too close to the sun.
Image 9 An address of distinction – NOW SELLING says it all, everything has a price
up here on the Gold Coast.
Image 10 Electric tram has Right of Way, they paint them with mysterious images to
look like shopfronts?
Image 11 Rob fantasizing about going for a surf

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