Poetry: Ranjana Sharan

The  Flaming  Flag

The girl,
carries the corpse of her former self;
Once an ivory-white bloom
with waves of lavender,
vibrant vernal beauty--
now sits devastated
broken apart
by the bromal blast:
The ravages of rape
are writ large
upon the used up body
with a shattered brain
full of scarred imaginations.
The amethystine waves
have turned into
the dark spots of moon--
The paralysing realities of the metamorphosis
that pushed her into
a Cimmerian cavern,
are etched on every fibre of her existence!
The hounds of horrible memories
keep on chasing her--
How long?Ah, how long?
The flaming flag
wants to leave the past behind:
She summons her inner strength,
and shoots the hounds dead!
She finds life
reaching out to her
with brand-new experiences.


Amid the crowd of life,
Croons to the corner of my heart;
The soothing accents feel like
The whispers of a gentle breeze
Blowing through
Rain-drenched leaves,
Kissing the tiny droplets dry.
They just keep lingering on...
Like the trail of fragrance
With a unique sillage.
I hack my way
Through the forest of memories:

A sea of faces--
Rise and fall of emotions!
I look around, quite amazed
At a familiar yet unfamiliar undertone:
The murmur of waves
continually lapping
At the shore of my being--
I feel the soft percussion
And palpitating pulse!
Lapis- blue water
Under a tangerine sky--
The big ball dipping
Below the western horizon!
The sunset gives me a nudge:
Echoes of an empty evening
Under the frazzled firmament!
The caravan of life goes on...


a wayward gust of wind,
blew across my still path
the beating rhythm
a wayward heartbeat!
Opened my eyes to find
splendours of spring extending their domain--
the burning lips of summer
flames of butea monosperma soaring high;
A sudden
rush of colours:pink,orange and red!

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