Poetry Collaboration: Elizabeth Castillo & Jonathan Aquino

Elizabeth Castillo



An enchanting, mysterious metamorphosis
Sets the cocoon to become a beauteous butterfly,
For its spirit to rise from the ashes
And soar high into the sky.

All your life you yearned to reach the top,
And one day you’re on the summit, finally,
And you seek the prize, but all you can see
Is another mountain to climb, so you climb
Because life can be funny sometimes.

Jonathan Aquino
This winding road which leads me to my destination,
Showed me mazes, down hills and upturns
But I won’t readily succumb to every trial,
For I can see behind the labyrinth, the end to my journey.

And then we look back the way we came,
And, we see, in pristine glory, the valley,
The hills and forests and rivers,
And, we missed it all, most of all the flowers.

I have known joy and had my share of life’s inevitable sorrows,
But each time I was tempted to quit, my angel appears
I know that my path is what Destiny has in store for me
And that each struggle is bound to change me for the better.

So, we stopped and thought awhile, and we see,
That, the road never ends even when the road ends
And, we go on, wiser, knowing that life is a journey,
A small thought, but it makes all the difference.

I have battled my inner demons and even defeated my own self
To save my soul and let the phoenix in me arise,
That moment shining through my door like a thief in the night
The magical catalyst in discovering my true self and my Divine Purpose.

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