Poem: Laughter, the Best Medicine

Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun

We know the benefits of laughter abound,
But it is pleasant to be reminded
How much laughter makes us feel unwound
Relaxed and sound.

The immune system laughter boosts,
Many ailments it shoots,
Forgotten are the bitterness or pains,
With release of endorphins.
With resistance,
It can lead to jubilance.

One is protected against heart attacks
Making the person lay back,
Enjoy the years extra, 
With added stamina. 
Making life worth living
As a healthy human being.

Laughter gives bounteously,
Increases the zest of life plentifully,
Physical and mental relief it brings, 
And can make a person sing,
Carrying away all the stress 
With all its terrible mess.

On the social level, relationships become motivating
For the one who has humour, is interesting.
Pessimism is replaced by optimism,
Fear vanishes, replaced by enthusiasm,
Attracting people, strengthening bonds
Resulting in more friends fond.

With pleasantness, there is more focus,
Often having a surplus,
Accomplishments follow in life,
Without too much strife,
With focus in full,
Leading to plentiful.

So, to stay blessed
And less depressed,
Engage in or create funny moments,
Or remember funny events.
Of former days spent jovially,
When you laughed so light heartedly.

Meet or phone a light-hearted person,
Or read comics to be on,
Watch a humorous film when you are down,
Or relate an embarrassing situation,
Or simply dance to music in jubilation,
Over minor triumphs causing elation.

Continuously create hilarious situations,
To be away from debilitating tribulations.
Make it a habit to laugh every day,
It’s a must anyway,
If you want to keep the doctor at bay.

So, while the sun is shining, why not make hay?
According to natural selection,

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