Poetry: Shreemayi Kurup (New Signature)

Shreemayi Kurup

Shreemayi Kurup (10 years)

Shreemayi, is a class IV student of DPS Gurgaon. She has been a CHILD (Chatty, Happy, Imaginative, Loving and Delighted) writer since the age of 6. She writes from her heart and is passionate about writing which is evident in the interesting details she includes in her stories and poems. Her insightful ideas and perspective towards life are reflected in the fluidity of her expression.


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining,
Everybody has some way of shining.
No one is bad in everything,

There must be something in which they are sparkling.
We all are gifted with at least one special power,
And for us that power is never sour.
The silver lining is not necessary to be common,
It can be different like cake frosted with salmon.
You should never use this ability for a purpose which is bad,

The ending will always be sad.
The silver lining is not something easy to find,
But it is somewhere present in your mind.
One day it will finally be found,
That day should be crowned.
Everyone has a chance to showcase their talent,
This talent will never be sent.
Wait for your turn,
But never be stern.
One day we will be great leaders,
With great features.


Every day I play with my friend,
We all follow the same trend.
We like jumping and hopping around,
But we get lot of scratches after a round.
Every day we play hide n seek,
But we always end up making the sound-creek.
We sit and crack jokes and ask riddles,
And we always end up having our brains fiddle.
We all play Tom and Jerry,
And when we have a break we all eat cherry.
Altogether we play dog and the bone,
The bone is always the cone.
We hold hands and dance,
It reminds us of the dance of France.
We swing on swings and slide on slides,
It’s like a bunch of rides.
I am so happy to be part of this friendship,
I’m sure that we would never rip.
We all have great fun,
We all are one.


  1. Wow! Amazing What a depth at such a tender age. God bless Shreemayi.

    1. Thanks Pandey for your blessings..my daughter was delighted to read your feedback..

    2. Phenomenal poem but there is scope for improvement

  2. The reflection of your mind, your thought process, is of an old soul. I'm so moved that I miss having a friend like you in my childhood days. Great writing. Publish more!


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