Poetry: Shalini Samuel

Shalini Samuel
Child's Play
---Shalini S 
Of His largesse imperial games,
adored the spherical aqua ball.
Whirling it excited Him.
Packed with water and sand;
Decorating it green with trees;
Positioning vibrant flowers here and there;
Multihued fruits ornate trees;
Everywhere green and blue,
made His eyes dull.
He places dynamic lively dolls;
Puppet shows being played everywhere;
Emotional dolls dancing according to His wish;
Remotely controlling every progress;
Active and alert are His moves.
And dear Creator,
in your child's play,
kindly compose my puppet show,
with love and care
making it a grand success.
Prayer for Survival

Summer Started Speedily
Scorching Sun, Sweating Stupidly,
Stressful Sleep, Shrubs Suffering,
Studies Stopped, Shelters Searing,
Standstill Seconds. . .
Splashing Stream,
Still Seem a Dream.
Superior, Share thy ear
Seeking Sufficient Shower
Is our prayer for Survival.

Lovingly I hate you dear

Fear of missing you my life
You will leave me, I fear
Wish to be your loving wife
I want to be always yours
And want you to be mine
For then the world will be ours
And our life will shine
Unite us together Lord
Do you hear my word?
Will you leave me to die?
Or say him not to lie
Will not he be wise as everyone says?
Will I get a reward for the good I did till the day
Sixth Sense

Seconds turn over habitually
Diverse faces we exhibit
Dissimilar people we meet
Disparate characters we display
Benevolent, akin to a cat’s gentle pat
Ruthless, resembling a roaring tiger
Regal, reminding a lion
Wicked, reminiscent of a jackal
Annoyance, analogous to a hen
Faithful, similar to a dog
Faces exposed reflects back
What’s our identity?
Where’s our human face?
Is this called sixth sense?

Arrogant Imitation

Perplexed he stood alone, gallantly
midst hindering thorns;
Himalayan hurdles hugging tight;
A dearth of helping hands,
yet triumphed, owing to valor.

Downhill, striving curious minds
In quest of valuable assistance;
Pride clouds passing, hides his eyes
Making him arrogant
Akin to the seniors, he reviled

Cursing his society, the world
For shoddier experience, he faced
Ignorant is he, a member of the public
Exhibiting his revenge towards people
Is it a cultured humane behavior?

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