Poetry: Manuel Renaud

Manuel Renaud

Manuel Renaud

A deep song

A deep song
The father's song
And grandfathers'
The ancients' song
They will be reborn
The song of the stars.

After the storm

Only silence remains
The scent of the wet grass
And dancing joyful children
Their clothes already stained
Only the taste of the rain remains
On the leaves of the trees.


Silence of the sky
Dumb blue upon our heads
Upon our lowered eyes
Blindness of the heart
Eyes in the mist
Uproot the verbs
Words of exile
Fake their truths
Bargain ignorance
Delude themselves, lost
In deaf gossips
Sanctuary in the clouds

Last bad weather

Last bad weather
And then that peace
In a summer sky
This fulfilled silence
Its stillness
Few words in the clouds
Some thoughts
To love
As far as all these landscapes
Those journeys.


The beach lies down
Till the end of fall
The dirt road doesn't meet no one
The traveler between two silences
Continues his way under a thin rain
Without reason
His bundle's swaying
To the slow rhythm of his steps
He doesn't know what he's going through
He doesn't care, he's not there
He's walking, empty pockets
He only has a few wrinkles
He's coming from afar
One can see that
At the end of months
The very end of years
He's home everywhere
Simply going by
Without waiting for the horizon

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