Our Beloved Prime Minister Atal Bihari

Ramesh Chandra Tiwari
The rare phenomenon of the Atal era came to an end on Thursday, 16 August 2018. Atal Bihari Bajpai has ever been described as the creative colossus of the political world because of his greatness of mind and high-minded principles. He won the hearts of both his supporters and detractors with his powerful oratory, his gentle wit and his brand of politics that influenced the houses of Indian Parliament to choose consultative, inclusive, participatory governance. As the Prime Minister of India and also as the leader of the opposition, he has left a historical legacy for the country. The poem is a tribute to his powers as a statesman.

The Himalayas stood in silent homage, the wind dropped,
The grief-stricken sea lay still, rivers wept, the sky cried,
The stars and the moon struggled their tears to hide,
To see Mother India holding her son in the tricolour wrapped.
O the divine statesman, the leader of leaders,
The angel of good governance, the man of letters,
The author of ideal politics friendly even to the opponents!
We are alone again in the dense, dark, dreadful, night.
Who will lull us, lure us with lore blessed and bright?
Who will stand Atal on national security like a symbol potent?
Who will bridge the gap created by the old policy of divide?
Who will teach us to integrate, to love friend and foe alike?
Sessions never descended into farce when you led the debates.
Deafened by infernal noise, Parliament now calls you out;
Dredging up memories of your era, Redfort casts about;
They still believe you have gone somewhere for your holidays.
It is rare to find a democrat who wins so huge critical acclaim;
It is rare to find a man so calm so decorous and self-restraint;
It is rare to find a parliamentarian so honest, so moral and law abiding;
It is rare to find a prominent politician with no political enemy;
It is rare to find a wit besides which every other seems a pygmy;
It is rare to find a raconteur, a poet whose words are always spellbinding;
With so many virtues the world had never created a man before.
O the rare man, our father, we will mourn your passing evermore!
O the real Hindu - independent of dogma or caste - Hindustan misses you!
O Bihari, the paradigm of a Bhartiya, for you Ma Bharati waits:
Your bed every evening and breakfast every morning she makes,
Though as she croons one of your poems, she soon laments your death anew.

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  1. The poem laments the death of our most cherished statesman Sri Atal Bihari Bajpai, who as the leader of the opposition never missed a single chance to oppose the Government where it was necessary, but numerous are the examples where he supported it. When he became the Prime Minister, he introduced many reforms in economy and infrastructural development, privatising some government owned corporations, encouraging foreign investments, research and development and also reducing unnecessary administrative loadings. He created an atmosphere of increased competitiveness; it was his skills and honest efforts that could afford extra funding to support the information technology sector and high-tech industries; it was he who introduced deregulation of trade, investments and corporate laws; it was he who did to increase foreign capital investment and to set in motion an economic expansion; it was in his rule that India conducted five underground nuclear tests in Pokhran; it was under his bold and strong leadership that India witnessed the historic victory of Kargil war. He was awarded with the highest civilian honour, Bharat Ratna. The country has had very few the like him since Independence. We are proud of him as our immortal leader, prominent statesman, fabled poet and 10th Prime Minister.


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