Poetry: Mysti S. Milwee

Mysti S. Milwee
Written with Wisdom

Turn the pages quick
what do you see?
A blur of words as life
life passes by me;
lamp lights flicker
and the room becomes
a cloak of wisdom
harboring inside the
pages, thick and thin
wondering when the
ink fades into the
darkness between the
rippled and wrinkled
pages clinging to seek
the journey of light;
waves ripple through
casting a net of words
writing the story of my
life, to the depths of the
storms to the light placed
in me, in life some things
are just meant to be;
written between the lines
builds character and ages
within the pages that was
made from the tree that
placed my hand to write
how the tree of life shaped me.

Wisdom and Color

Cloak of many colors
tattered and torn from
the weather of life
where the lines of age
form in the depths of
shadows, adversity is
found in a harbored
resistance in the
pendulum of a
ticking clock held
together by minutes
and hours; time ticks
and patience wears
thin but thickens with
wisdom and character
shaped by how we
wear our moods; tick-tock
growing with only
wanting love that
covers every shadow
to turn back the curtains
to show its colors;
no longer hiding between
the curtains or in the crevices
but the hands of hope
willing to free the bird to
sing again once more.

Game of Life

I stood at the altar
questioning life,
the next move
in a game of chess;
checkmate! I found
an open gate to fly
free, a full house
of cards I see,
but did anyone ever
see me?
a cloak of wisdom
searching for identity;
the ace of hearts
wins the hand
when life needs

1 comment :

  1. Great stuff here! I've been meaning to look deeper into your work but my life has been a mess the past few months. Seem to be caught in an endless stream of tragedy. Scott Thomas Outlar said you're the nicest person he's ever met and any friend of Scott's is a friend of mine. GREAT to see your work here. Let me know where else I can read your work if you want.


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