Poetry: Abu Siddik

Abu Siddik

- Abu Siddik

No One Remembers a Dead Man

No one remembers a dead man!
And few his feats,
During sunshine days light and
Laughter filled the air, and encomiums poured.

Light was gone, and the room lay naked,
Bare, bleak, blistered, and bruised;
Stained curtains, musty doors, floor rat-infested,
Air heavy, and the table cobweb-spun!

Flowers forget to bloom, and birds their song,
The yard, empty, cold and sodden, and the
Moon lean and pale, and the stars timid, and
Leafless trees stood sullen and dumb!

Upon Dyna Bridge

It was noon, but the rays mellow and soft!
Let’s stand awhile on Dyna Bridge, dear, under which
River Torsha moaned meandering naked, unabashed!

Timid rays fell on its sickle body, and
It gleamed, and men feared her savage look,
But not all, some peasants swayed with her sway too.

Yonder the forest deep and grim, and
Treetops hazy, dew laced, and above
Streaks of white clouds lazily sailed.

Don’t speak, dear, it’s a crime! Only eye
The translucent pebbles, blue sky, dew laced trees,
Half-naked peasants wallowing supine daylong!

Among the Drunkards

Twice a month I go to Hariahati and drink haria
Among the drunkards, peasants and labourers all,
Two pigs skinned and men have their heyday!

Round some fat women, haunch men nine or ten,
The fire fall on rugged cheeks, eyes shine bright,
And they drink and brawl, howl and growl.

The mango grove screened four sides by

Swaying paddy fields stretched miles upon miles,
And yonder on a huge treetop fifty white herons bask.

No tin shade, no tarpaulin over heads
And when the rains fall, they drench open,
And mad eyes glue to the wet women!


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