Voices Within: Neetu Vaid Sharma

Neetu Vaid Sharma is a passionate love poet and author of international repute. Her five solo poetry books published in the USA include-PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS, I AM PENNED DOWN, QUEEN’S QUIET PASSIONQUAKE (A collection of Oozing Odes and Slicing Sonnets), AMOROUS INTIMACIES ITCHING ALL OVER and BE YOU. Neetu has won a Bronze Award for her story “My Mysterious Morning Buddies” and for her poem “Only Oasis.” Her poems are also published in multiple anthologies chiefly naming: United Global Sisterhood, Tried, Tested and True poets from Across the Globe, Within and Beyond Shores (Volume iii) , Heart to Heart- A Bouquet of Valentine’s Day Love Poems, Petals of Love- An Anthology of Poems and The Skinny On Eating Fresh (Anthology of Recipes).

Come what may

Separated since snowy dawns
They whiled away their highly occupied lives
No contact, no communication did occur
Sans seeing each other they both breathed
Spirited souls so beaming with inner glow
Both were ignorant about worldly hoe
Magnetic pull between the two so firm
Sprouted always all unique positive germ
Once one spirit full on the rocks
He took his partner near the clocks
Rising waters could not overcome
Boiling emotions booming inside that Handsome
His heart full of love overlapping ocean
Though voice pausing when should be in motion
Many storms seething, less stormy He
The soul-mate all observing all understanding She
Love for his soul’s throb was immense
She sensed his pure heart so dense
Her pearly self so fair, so shining
For her paramour’s company always pining
They had creamy care to the core
Under time’s tempest truly crossed shore
Now sat near silent smooth bank
All set in a mood to have a talk fully frank
One thought had been stinging
Toxing amorous air of soulful singing
Weight of complete unison so weighing
Sumptuous talks paused- silences so saying
She volcanoed her pent up emotion-bag
Revealed her in all out without narrowing
Eyes impregnating emotears over brimmed
Decades’ dreams of devotion swimmed
Words of promising togetherness got louder pace
Heart- to- soul talk cloaked better face
She roared to touch somewhere deep
Where none could near or peep
 His whole body in turmoil-n-boil
Was brought to a peace-point so royal
His warning word to move afar
Used to burn her soul’s altar
As her free soul never felt to frisk
Staking her soul, slept over other risk
Expressing with less impression she uttered
Listening to her loveful self he too muttered
Making a true match beyond matching
They lost under love spell so catching
An exactly romantic rendezvous of the two
Left eternal marks of mesmerizing morning so true
During the exchange of emotions passed hours to the day brand new
Two spirits reposing all dipped in love-dew
Come what may they two were to meet
Two love souls rejuvenated with passion-heat

Delicious Date with Dr. DK Sparrow

Wintry chill and foggy foam
Could not suppress those
Scholarly sparrows’ spirits so soaring
Sun could not resist
And wake up to welcome
The zeal of purely pretty ones
Inside the four red-bricked walls
Remaining aloof from luring sunshine outside
Without much chirping
Dedicated sparrows discussed
Opened hearts with chalked plans
To build their literary nest- the best
Senior Sparrow’s spell so thrilling
Junior Sparrow’s zeal so willing
Together they can crack records unbreakable
May their bond grow firm and almost unshakable!

Wishful Wave’s Wonderous Wait

Behold, brave beholders
There rises a voluptuous wave
Leaping out of a true heart
With candid confidence calls openly
Pleasure pointed shores shoulder
Pretending peevishly to protect
But wave knows the world wisely
She carries a sea of wishes
With a strong staunch desire
Wants to make them true triumphantly
When she rises, romance walks
With soft love steps on a charm-swelled surface
Beating all eyes and minds boldly
When she pauses with passion poses
Hearts lose control to capture
Her single glance shooting sharply
When she rests, love lingers on
Spreading its silk-skinned arms to embrace
Every inch, curve and bend so sensuous
When she roars, whirlpools begin
Predicting unstoppable storms in and out
Going calm only after colossal catastrophes
This wave urges with anxiety
For the urgency of understanding
To engulf each element emotionally
Next she pleads with paramount potion
For the presence of permanent peace
To perform one’s part pivotally
Then she asks one and all
For eulogizing earthly Eves
To uplift women artistically
Finally wave pines poignant
For luxurious love to lead lonesome
Accompanying all amateurs amorously

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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