Voices Within: Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta is a young multilingual poet who writes in hindi, english and started in bengali too. He is a CA student and also in private job as accountant. He writes under poetic name 'Deep'. He comes from a business family and his interest is in business. Poetry is his passion and he writes since childhood but started sharing recently in different anthologies. His own Hindi poetry book which is collection love composition is under publication and will soon be available.

Made for each other

Fingers joining fingers,
Body touching body,
One in left, one in right,
Two hearts together singing melody....

Sights making paradise,
Colors making rainbow,
The love found in soul,
Forever there like shadow...

Nothing seems complete,
Meeting love is ultimate,
Nothing precious in life,
Love, together and soulmate...

Many differences,
Still tied together,
God made us, blessed us,
Truly made for each other...

Why I need you...

It's not that living alone is hard,
But knowing self is difficult,
I see myself in the mirror,
But I need eyes where I can see myself,
So I need you...

There are many relationships,
There are many people,
Still life seems so unsaid,
Inside and hidden, I wanna talk about me,
So I need you....

In the busy life,
Some moments are there to be shared,
Life always to be celebrate,
Celebration cannot be alone,
So I need you....

The God with pairs of things,
Gave one heart,
The second one is always search,
Being left one matched in right,
So I need you...

I am imperfect,
I am unorganized,
The whole world becomes messy and meaningless,
When no one to scold you,
So I need you...

Voices Within Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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