Artist of the month: Sonjaye Maurya

Beautiful Bodies Searching for Soul
Acrylic, Gouache and Inks on Board
25.50 x 25.50 Inches  
August 2015

“Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.” – Famous Anonymous Quote
Though science proves that butterflies have compound eyes with 360o vision.
‘Beautiful Bodies Searching for Soul’ beckons us to nurture the inherent beauty within. To follow our soul’s calling and explore what makes us happy. Discover the true essence of our existence and be at peace. All the outer beauty, pomp and extravaganza will mean nothing unless one finds harmony with own inner self. Only then nothing can shake us; the materialistic wealth of the outer world, things we accumulate, success we achieve.

Knife Painting
Texture White and Gouache on Board
21.00 x 25.75 Inches  
October 2015

We develop cities, roads, bridges and infrastructure without giving thought to the law of nature. To pave way to concrete jungle we keep uprooting trees and mountains and shake the balance of the eco-system. Earth’s most important element, open soil, maintains actions-reactions taking deep within the crust of earth. Our unmindful over exploitation, pollution, scattering of junk and debris tampers with this important element. A day will arrive when all this will explode in our face in the form of natural calamities.
‘MELTING SKY’ captures the anguish of Mother Nature as she faces the disregard of humans who in the name of modernization create havoc on earth. It depicts the exploding sky, shattered and pouring down with Mother Earth writhing in pain and despair.

1st Buddha Percept- I undertake to refrain from destroying living creatures.
Buddhism- Concern for animals
Acrylic  on Canvas
28.75x21.50 Inches  
September 2018

Animals have always been regarded in Buddhist thought as sentient beings. Furthermore, animals possess Buddha nature (according to the Mahāyāna school) and therefore potential for enlightenment. Moreover, the doctrine of rebirth held that any human could be reborn as animal, and any animal could be reborn as a human. An animal might be a reborn dead relative, and anybody who looked far enough back through their series of lives might come to believe every animal to be a distant relative. The Buddha expounded that sentient beings currently living in the animal realm have been our mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, children, friends in past rebirths. One could not, therefore, make a hard distinction between moral rules applicable to animals and those applicable to humans; ultimately humans and animals were part of a single family. They are all interconnected.

The Magic of Gayatri Mantra
Acrylic  on Canvas
26.00 x 37.75 Inches  
June 2017

A journey of healing and joy with one of the most ancient prayers known to Humanity
The Gayatri Mantra has been chronicled in the Rig Veda, which was written in Sanskrit about 2500 to 3500 years ago, and the mantra may have been chanted for many centuries before that.
The ancient Hindu scriptures describe how the sage Vishwamitra was given the Gayatri mantra by the Supreme Being as a reward for his many years of deep penance and meditation. This was to be a gift for all humanity.
The Gayatri Mantra inspires wisdom in us.  In very basic but beautiful language, it says “May the divine light of the Supreme Being illuminate our intellect, to lead us along a path of righteousness”.


SONJAYE MAURYA- A curator with a heart throbbing for artists

Sonjaye Maurya is an eminent Indian artist curator with international recognition.
He himself is a master painter. A colourful persona, an artist with a difference, a painter who always has good in mind for the artists and works towards their development and promotion. Sonjaye Maurya is an inspiring story of a self-taught artist, a businessman who shut down all his business and decided to follow his passion for art and to dedicate his life to art and artists. A story of rise to success in a short span of four years with dedication, devotion, proper planning and understanding of business, marketing, branding etc. He is also a photographer, a traveler, a writer and a poet.
His works have a mysterious quality... a magical touch that makes them stand apart from the works of other contemporary artists. Everything that he paints has a deep meaning and message in it. May it be Buddha or even if he is painting fishes or a landscape. His works are many a times a transformation from realistic to abstract and vice versa.
He deals with artistic perceptions about the human feelings and the different realms of life. His works explore the artistic transition from traditional to modern in vibrant colour palettes. His paintings reflect on fantasies and dreams.
His works are a result of vast experimentation with medium, style and techniques, and in-depth study of the subject. Many of his works are neither realistic representation nor abstract. They can’t be categorised to any specific school of art.
He is also a part of growth and development of art scene. His works are entirely different from others with sensitivity and lyricism of poetry. He understands rhythm and harmony. His concentration is on creative pursuit rather than commercial aspect. There is no diversion of mind.
He also works extensively on subjects related to ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Buddhism’, and themes that help us elevate life.
He is also one of the pioneer Indian Contemporary artists working on ‘Buddha’.
Apart from many national and international letters of appreciation and accolades, Sonjaye Maurya is also a ‘Kala Ratn’ awardee.
Sonjaye Maurya is a true friend of artists of all age group. He is caring and friendly. He is gentle and knowledgeable. Any artist from anywhere can approach him for guidance and he obliges. He is very calm and soft spoken person, is easily accessible to all artists established or aspiring and respects their feelings. He spends time with artists and encourage them. He tells artists to work sincerely and not to be part of the rat race.
Sonjaye Maurya curates and orgnises various events. He is the founder of ‘Sonjaye Maurya Art World’ and ‘Creative Art Affairs’. These are initiatives to appreciate and promote young and upcoming artists.
The groups have Futuristic vision n trend setting goals. And have been tirelessly yet zealously working for the core development of art and artists. The events organised by the groups and artists launched on platforms of repute were well received and highly appreciated.
‘Sonjaye Maurya Art World’ and ‘Creative Art Affairs’ help in its quest to discover new talents, providing them platform by organizing various art activities. There is continued effort on the part of the groups to find and cultivate dynamic, young contemporary artists who have the potential to contribute substantially to the understanding of art given the right environment and direction.

The groups seek to promote contemporary Indian art and strive to deliver this by creating opportunities for the artists. Their moto is to promote excellence and innovation in all aspects of its work and explore the unique contribution that the art can make to our understanding of contemporary.

‘Sonjaye Maurya Art World’ and ‘Creative Art Affairs’ are non-profit making groups, whose objective is to launch aspiring artists on the big platforms along with reputed and eminent artists at nominal charges, so that they can reap the same benefits enjoyed by renowned artists. To help them make contacts with the big galleries, art connoisseurs, art dealers etc. and interact and learn from big artists.

The events orgnised by the groups have a mix bag of established and aspiring artists and are received well and highly appreciated. They have been very promising and helpful. And have been a guiding force for the new artists by helping them chart their direction of painting, to set style, learn to promote themselves etc. The event have been path breaking for the careers of many participants and have got heavy recognition to some of its participants.

Some of very highly successful events orgnised by the groups in recent past are :

An art symposium in Gujrat
The workshop had 10 artists from all different parts of India working with different styles and medium. Here they got exposure to the mediums other than they were conversant with. They got to learn new techniques like creating textures etc. Utilising tools to their best ability and paint using things other than brushes and palette knives. The group had talk sessions on many art subjects.

International Confest on ‘World Peace and Brotherhood’
This was a conference cum festival which had writers, poets, painters, singers, dancers and other delegates from many countries. The group launched 10 artists in this events, who painted to spread this message with their medium. Some also recited their poems on the subject and an artist also expressed this with her dance composition.

An International event of art exhibitions
The event brought together 41 artists from Asian countries with 143 works of art. Demos were orgnised in many mediums and for different subjects and also clay sculpture. The participants exhibited extra ordinary talent and some won award for best work of art.

Launch of 30 artists as ‘Creative Art Affairs Pavilion’ in ‘Kalaa Spandan Art Fair- Nov. 2018’
The event is one of the biggest art fair orgnised in India every year, which has celebrity artists from all over the world. The event sees around 150 thousand visitors. Getting a place and recognition to the aspiring artists on this platform is a big fate and a boon for the artists. The team members exhibited their talents in various forms like micro sculpting and paper cutting, apart from painting with various mediums.

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