Western Voices: Arthur Broomfield

Dr Arthur Broomfield is a Beckett scholar, poet and short story writer from County Laois, Ireland. He has published five books including his bestselling poetry collection [2000 copies] Cold Coffee at Emo Court  [Revival] and the seminal study of the works of Samuel Beckett The Empty Too: language and philosophy in the works of Samuel Beckett. His poems have been published in Ireland, the UK and the USA. Influenced by the writings of Andre Breton his poetry has turned to Surrealism. Dr Broomfield is pleased with the response from the number of journals that have published his surrealist work.

Air Raid

I poured boiling water over their nest;
the red ants
in a disorganised frenzy beneath
the Yemeni sky,
slowed, as their Duracells
to a limp, entangled heap.

Revenge can be honeyed
vinegar spread
on the ruins of Cartage.

It’ll make gardening less painful,
I thought.
That was when I felt
the nip on my ankle,
then another, further up.

The lonely cabin boy

His hat was visceral
like the brains of a toilet seat,
the Kitten Soft soured,
black, pointed downwards and loving,
in the vein of a Puritan
priming a space ship.

The door of his sweet shop
swung on the fumes of Jeyes Fluid
a general anaesthetic to
an old cinema buried somewhere
in a subterranean cave.

His words were iconic,
like the Great pyramid at Giza.
Lifeless, like the nine o’clock news.

The lemon as other

The blood red lemon
steeped in Kerrygold
Manfully it corrects the tight lines
that connect the nowheres,
light and black and pus   grey.

A bounce that likes to push,
a scary ogre,
a weave of wattles,
sweet as a string quartet
romantically involved
in a Brownshirt and Swastika way
with tapers from heaven that puncture
the earth’s croissant crust.

An avocado that dreams
 of hidden treasure.

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