Western Voices: Mela Blust

Mela Blust is a moonchild, and has always had an affinity for the darkness. She has been writing poetry since she was a child. Her work has appeared in Isacoustic, Rust+Moth, Anti Heroin Chic ,i am not a silent poet, and more, and is forthcoming in Rhythm & Bones Lit, The Nassau Review, The Sierra Nevada Review, and The Bitter Oleander, among others.

kiss of saturn

one way street dead end town
new moon cold night head out
always keep my eyes open head down
under the bleachers where your lips found
my heart
kiss of saturn how it burns
i wonder if we're microscopic to something larger
watching us through the glass
throw everything away for one
moment, one night in a one
cowboy town, stars examining our naked souls
i remember the last time we danced
our skeletons clawing to be free
i left never looked back hung my dress
on your ego
the slow bloom of resent
sixty miles an hour when i finally got far away
from this slice of earth that birthed me
same torn sky wherever i go


all the pretty horses
     and all the pretty men
rusty shovel mouth/child of god again
  whiskey in my petticoats
a warrant to shoot blanks

oh i fell down stars again
rabbit hole/penny thoughts deep
suckle the ink black dusk
and pray before i sleep.

to save the limb

his voice reminds me of when we were young
how he could fold me into something convenient
and tuck me away on a shelf
for when he was hungry.

i always heard the ticking of a bomb in his mouth
the wires like little arms pulling me inside.
the body i knew betrayed me,
a shapeless form eagerly spilling into his firth.

the frigid pool of myself on his tongue,
without warning he spat; i lay discarded.
i waited there on the algid cement
until winter's fingers cradled me home.

how did we not know our sadness?
that it was like water
that it would fill whatever container we allowed it to occupy.
now this phantom heart sings its hollow dirge.

and the distance stretches between us
as though an artery still attached to a severed limb.
of course there is still blood,
but it's not enough to save the limb.

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