Devi Nangrani, USA

Devi Nangrani

If you think you shall stem me
with the shackles of your sweet selfish love
you are mistaken
Don’t ever think
That you have trapped me in the clutches,
Snatched away my freedom,
It is your idiocy
I am not so foolish to pledge my freedom
For the majestic splendor of your prison
It is true
I have closed the doors of my freedom behind me
Still have the key that unlocks the door.
It is long since I have not used it,
undoubtedly it has rusted a bit
But it is the same key,
And I am very much sure                                                                                           
‘The key that locks the
also unlocks it.’


The wings of thought,
I, rise high and high
To See the glory of nature
Pleasure and paradise,
In pool of pain and misery
I Wander from dawn to dusk
Wherever desire takes me,
In pursuit of pleasure
To see something exciting
To see something unseen.
The urge to free myself
From my own web
Compels me
To retrace and go back,
To the Source.


Amazingly terrified as a mother
yes terrified, badly scared
With the memories of those toys
That my child would acquire in his childhood
With his unwavering willfulness
A toy called BANDOOK
A water gun, a race car,
When he would sit in the car
and pretend to shoot with the gun
Looking at me, in my eyes with glittering smile
Today seeing the same toy
In the hands of young children
Takes me back to the memory lane
That makes me ponder
If we have made our mansions
On a heap of gun powder!


The mirror though old
Yet knows well how to perform
And it performs consistently
At every step taken in youth
And now in old age
But lately the dust has layered it
However, much I may clean it
yet, I have to see my dusty face
With its dusty eyes
Neither has he changed
Nor me!

Devi Nangrani (b. 1941) is a celebrated Sindhi, Hindi and English poet, writer, critic and activist. Sindhi being her mother tongue, she started writing Sindhi Ghazal and then drifted to Hindi Ghazal, which is still her passion. The reflections of partition inclined her to the translation of stories of Sindhi writers from Sindh and Hind in Hindi and vice Versa, to merge in the atmosphere of harmony like other provincial languages. She has published 34 books to her credit as also many stories and articles on social pressures, on women’s rights, peace, justice, Hindi language and gender issues, published in national and international literary journals. She is the recipient of several national and international awards notably, the NCPSL Award. An English poetry compilation " Journey" is now being translated in Hindi and Sindhi. Many of her stories have been translated in Sindhi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Urdu.

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