Dorcas Wairuri Maina, ‘RUREYBLUE’, KENYA


Holding all the magical shimmer
A vase of continuous light
Colors of the rainbow struggling to take turns in this light
It is quite magical, watching colors dance in the light
This glass vase mirrors a life the world is not ready for

My fight to resist the attraction writhing within is a war I’m not sure I want to win
Why should I let go of this enchanted venture that has my heart crazed?
Captivated by the twist and turns of these charming lights
In a daze, oblivious to reality for my eyes are already set
And my heart beats ready to dance to the drum beats of this tune

Light is life giving or at least in this case it is
With every tick tock of the clock and tum-tum of the heart
The distance grows thinner and the lure harder to fight
I am seconds away, a breath away, a flicker of light away
But this beauty, nothing like ever beheld, could just be a figment of my imagination.


Invisible, only felt 
A swift throw, bull’s eye!
The jab and twist, no pain has ever told
Invisible to all but the beholder.

The eyes that smile, the tears that tell
The ears that hear, no comfort in the air
The heart that hearkens, naively to the comforting winds
Invisible to all but the beholder.

A fight fought to climb out and be free
Sore throat from beaconing screams
Screams that would deafen, are but graveyard silence to the rest
Invisible to all but the beholder.

No clear path set
No light shone to shine the way
The stab from behind competes with the loss of worth in the spectators’ eyes
Invisible to all but the beholder.

Possible hope quickly shrivels in its appearance
The heart’s resolve quickly tested
A mountain too high a climb and this resolve, but a feeble infant
Invisible to all but the beholder.


I can scream, I can shout
I can sing, I can dance
In this dream, I can swirl like my favorite ballerina,
I can fly.

Dorcas Wairuri Maina is a God-fearing lady, who's passionate about arts and protection of animals. She also has a heart for people and on her free time participates in church organized charity activities and enjoys meeting new people. More to her passion for arts she loves singing, writing poetry under the alias Rureyblue and attending art galas. She has a bubbly outgoing personality with a dream of traveling the world. Dorcas holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration and a Master in Business Administration. Dorcas currently works in the finance industry.

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