Dr. Sabita Chakrabarty, INDIA


God is neither male
God is nor female
God is neither not- not male 
God is nor not-not female
God is the sky-scape
God is emptiness absolute.
If God were not female
How female could be created by God?
If God were not male
How come men are created by God?
The emptiness has in it
Both the man and the woman.
Of course, men and women
Come from emptiness
With clouds of glory
Have you the eyes to see that?


The god of our being tells us:
Why are you drunk
with jealousy, hatred and pride?
I have created you
as complementary to each other.
Give up quarrel and pride.
Love and honour each other.
Be sympathetic to each other
Life will be full of honey.
Every work will be exciting
and entertaining
The body and the mind
will overflow with vitality
That man is superior
and woman is inferior,
is your improvisation.
Shatter the wall of discrimination
Your pride and vanity
is a cause of your dis-ease.


With bone-breaking labour
for twenty-four hours
and heart-felt love
with hard earned money
and capabilities
they build the nest
Why neglect it?
Why raise a wall
Separating one another?
I am the best
You are the worst
This is my work
And that is yours
I am in the front
You must remain unseen.
Look at the mirror
Come let us play
In the Garden of Life
Raised by God the father
Once the play is over
We will return home together
in His safe shelter. 

Dr. Sabita Chakrabarty is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, Joypur Panchanan Roy College, Joypur Fakirdas, Joypur, West Bengal, India. She is actively associated with Underground Literary Movement under the leadership of Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay. She writes in English and Bengali and is engaged in writing and publishing essays, short stories and poems in different journals. Her recently published books are: Ramprasader Gaan: Ekti Nandanik Samiksha jointly written by her with Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay and Anamika Bhabchen (A Collection of Short Stories in Bengali).

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