Latha Prem Sakhya, INDIA


The night wrapped its shroud,
Hiding everything under its folds.
She listened to the gentle snores
Of her beloved and her child.
But her heart alone -
A trapped bird, fluttered
From thought to thought.       

The reality, the truth of being a woman
Stereotypical images of womanhood -
Abject beings, self-effacing doormats,
Shaped by patriarchal hegemony
An angel of the house,
A perfect woman
Haunted her.                   

A sudden vision of unlimited horizon
Opened, releasing the trapped bird
To fly to heights unknown.


Just body and womb?
A disturbing question!
Her dreams? -
To live gloriously,
Victoriously, with self dignity
Standing erect and tall,
United, powerful, diligent,
Rising above physical abuse and violence,
Transcending mutilation Philomela like,
Singing songs of fulfillment,
Weaving stories of truth
Overcoming barriers – linguistic,
Economic, political and cultural
Destroying invisibility.         

She surfaced
Through myriads
Of materialistic layers
Overpowering and taming the self –
Ensconced in mores and traditions.
A butterfly - beautiful and natural
A life force, free, unhampered
A spirit of attunement,
Leading to pathways strange
Hitherto submerged and hidden.

Trusting her heart, listening
To the small guiding voice inside -
Primitive, yet authentic and true to self
Doing what gives joy - laughing, crying,
Waltzing, bawling, sniffing,
Gnarling, scratching, loving,
Running free, snoozing
The female soul; scintillating,
Sagacious, intuitive -
The source of Feminine Endurance.
Latha Prem Sakhya, a Professor of English, and a painter poet, retired in 2015, after thirty years of service at Mar Thoma College For women, Perumbavoor, Tamilnadu, India. ‘Memory Rain’ (2008) is her first book. An untutored painter and a lover of nature, ‘Nature at My Doorstep’ (2011), was an experimental blend of poems, prose and paintings. Third book ‘Vernal Strokes’ (2015) is a poetry collection. Her poems are found in journals like IJPCL, Quest, and in e magazines like Indian Rumination, Spark, Muse India, Enchanting Verses international, Spill words etc. She is anthologized in Roots and Wings (2011), Ripples of Peace (2018), Complexion Based Discrimination (2018) and Tranquil Muse (2018) and The Current (2019). She is member of the poetic groups Poetry Chain, India poetry Circle and Aksharasthree - the Literary woman and World Peace and Harmony Association. Her poems reflect her reactions to what goes around her.

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