Saroj Mahobe, INDIA

Behold her, single in the field of life.
A daughter; a sister; a wife; a mother;
A beloved; a friend;
Reaping all the sorrows and misfortunes alone,
at home.
Alone she binds the family into a knot of love;
Never grudges her tiresome efforts.
She melancholy overflows her heart; unfelt!
Often it showers from her eyes, unseen!
She chants her melodies alone to her weary heart.
Her thrilling melodies are heard by none.
Her caresses break the silence of her home.
Her plaintive numbers flow from her heart,
The song about some ecstasy she had borne,
Or the song of some misery caused to her,
Her songs have no ending, she goes on,
Her love, her sorrows, her joys and cares,
All linger within the fences of her home,
Her dreams wander from heart to soul,
From emotions to melodies, from melodies to tears,
And lie latent in her heart forlorn.
Her complaints are none, she prances in glee.
Her solitude enlivens her heart with unheard tunes,
When she utters, fills the home with bliss,
But her silence makes her abode lonely with despair.

When dead, I’m beyond relationships,
Oh, my Man! You’ll walk to my grave,
Show grief, hug the arid walls,
Your haunting sobs, your eyes blurred with tears.
Your words muffled, entangled with love,
longing, regret, brimmed with emotions,
To have lost a part of your living life.
You’ll strike at the soulless walls that conceal me,
With an unfulfilled longing to caress, to kiss,
To hug, to drown yourself in my thoughts,
But Alas! Everything is at rest,
In a deep slumber, never to rise again.
You’ll feel death to its infinite pain.
You’ll dream of hope, you’ll dream of a miracle,
You’ll earnestly wish the past to take a rebirth,
The words, thoughts, touches, to resurrect,
To emerge out robustly through,
The chillness of death and tranquility,
The ultimate truth to acclimate into fantasy of life.

WOMAN - A MOTHER                                                                                                  

Mother- divine epitome of nobility and sacrifice.
Bear her agonies, body and heart, with a smile,
That’s always planted on her lips, reveal……
‘All’s right, there I’m with you always’.
She survives for her people,
Loves her ‘Man’ with an everlasting devotion,
Jubilantly cares and tenders her kids,
With tranquil affection that never quivers
At any phase or conditions odd,
Time follows her from dawn to dusk, in household chores,
She cherishes noble ideas and virtues,
Saint-like, teaches to love and live,
To defy the snags that hurdle the peace of life,
Her magic smile mirrors her blissful heart,
Her virtues, her agonies, often reclined,
Her love and sacrifices overlooked often.
Her people, like carefree birds warble in the open sky,
Fantasized blissfully in a globe of their own dreams,
Unaware of the tempest, her heart blares with,
She caresess, sings soothing lullabys, and
Gently pats the aching foreheads, placed on her lap.
Her agonies, her distress, her worries, her shattered dreams
Never revealed to her people….
Her wailful songs go unheard and unheeded.
An embodiment of ‘Teresa’ and ‘Sharda Ma’,
Never shuns her duties and morale,
Neither expectant nor desire for a reward,
She sings to her god to bless her people
With cheers, to cherish them a wonderful world,
Her palms folded in pious prayers,
She unfolds her heart to her omnipotent,
Tears of agony roll down her pink cheeks.
Her people fledge up into blushing youths,
On a day find her stooped, with hairs cotton-white
Eyes sunken, face wrinkled yet the brightness of love glowing,
Places her strong quivering hands to strengthen
The weakened souls, with her broken words
She uplifts the agonized hearts of her people
To be pious and lovely, to be enlivened with
A human soul, and a heart full of love and piety.
She lives a ‘Teresa’ and dies a ‘Teresa’,
An epitome of Love, Faith, Sacrifice, Truth and Divinity.
A mother - holds the universe in her arms.

Saroj Mahobe is a lecturer of English and pens down her feelings into poems. She is a situational writer and her theme she chooses is mostly ‘Love and Women’. Her poems have been published in the International Multilingual Poetry Anthologies Amravati Poetic Prism 2016, Amravati Poetic Prism 2017, Amravati Poetic Prism 2018 as well as in WWW-Women, Wit & Wisdom, an international poetry anthology of women poets, curated by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy.

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