Seena Sreevalson, INDIA


The predatory bands,
Trapped my alphabet.
Immutable souls caged.
The dark thick iron bars,
Whistled all nights.
Illuminated spirits,
Bleached dreamless nights.
Agony shrieked the deep silence,
Unfettered the bleeding life.
My stretched arms,
Overflowing breasts,
Whirl pooled the brain.
And the first arrow was shot.


Was it when you scornfully laughed
Or licked with your eyes
I don’t remember
The volcano spouted smoke.
But when I realized your lecherous words
Those thirsty arms and greedy eyes
Orbiting me
My volcano erupted
The wounded soul gushed out
Burning flames washed the pain
Tongues of blaze swallowed the inhibitions
You and your words are nothing
But a scar cursed never to fade.


My hair is white
Though it shines black
My skin is very light
But you may wonder its depth
My smile is so scornful
Even if it looks pretty
My hands are too rough
Even though you feel spongy
My body is remarkably hot
Dare not to touch it
My heart is very cruel
it can be dangerous.

Seena Sreevalson is a poet, translator and editor from Kerala, India. She writes poetry in English and Malayalam. Her major themes include feminine sensibilities, nature, ecological issues and social issues. She has presented her poems in several national and international poetry fests. Her poems have also been featured in many international poetry anthologies. She is a teacher by profession and also a classical dancer who experiments in visual aspects of poetry. She has compiled and edited an anthology ‘The Current’ which showcases poems from 40 nations across the Globe She was the Festival Director of the Prime Poetry Festival, Kerala 2019.

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  1. Good write, Congratulations, Stay blessed


    Williamsji Maveli


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