Flash Fiction: Hidden Enemy

By: Mark Kuglin

Prior to one fateful day— when their identity was finally revealed— a shadowy figure dogged my every step and maintained a clandestine existence on the periphery. From the darkness, they spent their every waking hour plotting and planning my demise. And if they couldn't bring to bear events that could potentially lead to my destruction, they reluctantly settled on destroying each and every shred of happiness that came my way.

Possibilities of what I might have done to offend them completely baffled me. I scanned my brain— time and time again— in a desperate search for recollections of past interactions.

However, upon replaying those I could remember, I was unable to find an uncovered misdeed or transgression. Most disturbingly, I spent countless waking hours and hundreds of sleepless nights wondering: Could I have possibly done something so heinous and managed to forget it?


One morning, after another long horrendous night's sleep, I laid in bed for several hours— morosely staring at the ceiling— before I finally started my day. But before I did, I clenched my fist and shook it towards the heavens and shouted, “You bastard!… I don't know who you are… But mark my words, I will unmask you… And when I do, I will destroy you!”

Thoroughly enraged, I rolled over, threw my feet over the side of the bed, stood up and headed for the door. However, in my haste, I tripped and fell headfirst into the wall. I was dazed at first but within a few moments I was cursing up a storm.

As I was in the process of getting back to my feet, I caught my reflection in the mirror on my bedroom door. The moment I saw myself I shouted, “You're a clumsy asshole— and you look like shit— but you can't fall apart on me now… You're the only friend I have.”

For a few moments— after I regained my feet, I stood and took stock of myself in the mirror.

And then, an awareness hit me like a thunderbolt. In an instant, I was sickened and rocked to my core. My friend and enemy were one and the same.

Bio- Mark Kuglin is an American expat currently living and working near Ensenada, Mexico. He
writes fiction, poetry and the occasional essay. Samples of his work can be found on his website
markkuglin.com or by following him on Twitter @cr8fiction. Additionally, he has a profile and a
page @markkuglincreativewriting on Facebook.

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  1. “You bastard!… I don't know who you are… But mark my words, I will unmask you… And when I do, I will destroy you!” the outburst of rage against the hidden enemy I like most.


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