Poetry: Brian Daly

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rattle the cage

trapped like a bear in a cage in the sun
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
father, daughter, mother, son
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
contracts, duty, expectation
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
king and country, faith and nation
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
blood and money, lies and greed
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
seven billion mouths to feed
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
exit the animals one by one
(rattle the cage, rattle the cage)
trapped like a bear in a cage in the sun
rattle the cage, channel the rage
pack up the prophets, silence the sage
break through the blindness, face the new age
rattle the cage, rattle the cage



or species
i am
and foremost



bless me reader
for i have sinned
i’ve shared the deepest
darkest thoughts within
my fears, my hopes, 
my heartaches, my delusions
hoping for some 
form of absolution
when inner demons
rise and give me hell
poetry is my


the weight of less

i’m suffocated
by the passing years
each breath i draw
takes just one more
from my allotted number
this weight of less
lies heavy on my chest
and leaves me literally
short of breath
draining my vitality
shaking my reality
grasping my mortality
gasping as i face
my certain death


let me feed
on hope and understanding
let me digest truth
let me savour
the spice of life
our different tastes
our complementary flavours
for there is no nourishment
in the hot air of rhetoric
the emptiness of lies
the bitterness of bigotry
fill the intestines of my mind
with all the juicy morsels
that bind us to each other
and this planet that we share
then i’ll have a life to live
and a shit to give

Bio: Brian Daly has been writing songs and poetry since he was eight years old. He studied creative writing under Ron Pretty, Rodney Hall, Kirpal Singh and Dianne Bates while completing his Creative Arts degree at Wollongong University. He has worked in the creative industries for over 30 years, as a writer, songwriter, musician, director, creative director and composer. He lives and works in Newcastle, Australia and releases snippets of poetry on instagram @thedalypoet.

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