Armenuhi Sisyan (Armenia)

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Armenuhi Sisyan (Armenia)

Armenuhi Sisyan- writer, poet from Armenia. Professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University, author and co-author of  several training manuals for students. Her works  are translated into 11 languages: English, Japanese, French,  Italian, German, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Persian, Albanian, Spanish.  Member of Writers’ Union of Armenia since 2007.  Board member of  International Writers Association Pjeter Bogdani  in Brussels (IWA).
Member of Japan Universal Poets Association, (JUNPA), Kyoto. International  Advisory  member of  ‘’Education,  Literature’’   magazine of Changhua University of Education (Taiwan).
Author of  9 books, last 2 were published in Kyoto (Japan) in Japanese.
Her stories and poems widely anthologized, frequently appear in top Armenian literary journals and published in different literary magazines and anthologies abroad.
Participant of different international literary festivals and programs. (Аustria, Switzerland, Italy, Japan), winner of different  literary  prizes.  


The memory chills among my fingers,
my eyes unwillingly stare,
while the birds migrate to warmer places,
 in despair,
the victory of winds it is,
not of the heart,
 that my cheeks will not blush
from the warmth of  memory.
My words follow the birds:
they rest where the poetry  is.


For all of those days
That I won't see,
I will love you, Day!
Will cherish you in my hands,
Kiss you from the bottom to top,
And warm you up in my embrace,
So that you take my breath to them,
Until you wave goodbye
Let me love you, Day,
For all of those days,
That I will not see.


Because of your lies and blowings, wind,
the leaves fell down one by one,
but the tree is in it’s place-
nakedly honest…
How perfectly honest

is the nudity of the tree!

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