Ayten Multu (Turkey)

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Ayten  Multu (Turkey)

Ayten Mutlu, a Turkish poet and writer (born in Bandırma, Turkey. Graduated from the Faculty of Management  of İstanbul University in 1975. She was retired from The Central Bank. Her political activism began in high school, when she was fifteen years old. Being in political activity she took part in the Women’s  Rights Movement too. She has published poetry, prose, short stories and essays on literary criticism. She also translated the works of a number of contemporary poets from English to Turkish that published many of them in periodicals. She translates the works of the women poets from Antiquity to the present days in  selections from the world over. Her research on women poets from Antiquity to the present day, published in many literary magazines. She presented papers at some universities. Some of her poems took place in many countries, some magazines, newspapers and anthologies in France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Senegal, Morocco, Italy, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Argentina, South Korea, India and Russia. 
She is a laureate of  Ibrahim Yildizoglu Literary Prize (1999), Poetry Prize of the International Meeting of the Poets of Yalova (2001) and Sunullah Arısoy Literary Prize (2005). Akköy Magazine Poetry Worker's Award (2015) Ismet Kemal Karadayı poetry honorary award (2017)


they were talking
beyond a faraway place
solitude and me
left the voices into the table clothes
and walked

the blue moon was also walking with us
a hazel cat in the blind looks
of flashing red lights
stood and looked at the shades
of intertwined ghosts
which fell into the waters in Bozcaada
like a solemn lion
stretchingly for a while

a man was sitting alone
a woman was sitting alone
we were two of us
you with me
me with you hand in hand
we escaped from a crowdy loneliness
and joined a lonely crowd

first we read sorrow in each other
then we sat on wet grasses
you spoke keeping silent
i kept silence speaking

while ships in Bozcaada Harbor were waiting for
lights were off
the cat went

having left each other into wet grasses
                   ---at a place in time
you and me...


i used to see it just before evening fell
its light was bluish,
it's missing nowadays, hard to know if it went out
or my eyes did, but it was my star,
he said, sighing
then he took his hands out of the grass which he kindly caressed
and he looked at my face from afar
snails, he said, eat grass only
they leave behind indelible, bright trails
wherever they go
i wonder how a snail extracts this beauty from grasses

mankind is strange,
he went on shaking his head
as if he wanted to delete
the nebulous shade straying on his lusterless eyes
he always likes keeping his experiences
in a bag
as if he will have time to look back
he fancies watching his shattered past
through a youth mirror
broken in his heart

pensive, he kept silent for a while
getting old might be easier in the past,
life used to flow sluggishly
but nowadays it's impossible to have time to catch its breath
it sweeps grasses without regard to trails
what a speed is this, hard to understand
and time never waits for what's left its behind

and he stared at snail trails again
it was clear that he has forgotten to forget for a long time
i couldn't understand what he was murmuring whisperingly
as if making a hiccup was a song or an elegy

“experiences turn into memories one by one
some occasionally blowing like a breeze
some quietly waiting with a dagger in its hand for

starless days of old age…”

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