Poetry: Fatbardha Sulaj (Albania)

Exclusive European Poetry: Curated by Agron Shele
Fatbardha Sulaj was born in Ballsh, Albania. After graduating from high school, she completed her studies at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Biology and Chemistry. The passion for poetry, prose and painting goes back, accompanied throughout her life, a passion that in later years would be consoled and crowned with publications;
“Female Shade” (Albanian-French) – 2011
In 2012 she released a poetic cycle in Spanish (www.theblackbooks.es – F. J. Pineda)
In 2013 released a French-language prose cycle 
In 2016 it released in the series of International Revisions (Atunis)
eleases the novel Chained, co-author with Albert Van De Steg (2016)
The spiritual connection with the ancient town of Bylis carries a profound trace of both its creativity and style and finding as the product and the embodiment of combining mythology with modernity.
What draws attention to the poetry of author Fatbardha Sulaj is the concept of art as a spirit of hermeticism and surrealism, the order toward the visions that represent the limits of one’s impossibility, the discovery of the world through metaphysical ideas, and the message of tomorrow as a form of universal a priori form and conscience; whereas prose focuses on the dimension of a world that passes through perception and visibility to life, in a dualism with itself, a narrative that imparts to the mysticism and ideas that penetrate the conscience.
Paint is another passion that best meets the art configuration of the author and comes as a melt between modern impressionism, where images approach reality and surreal, an abstract game between man and dimensions, as the centering of a woman in the mystery of her being.

lying like a rainbow across the sea
where colours take showers near the salty water
get rid of the thirst
time to time ,
while i keep moving
myself there
at the solid beach ,
white waves
and tides
it bites the skin.
under the crazy sounds
Until sunset
turns into twilight
and we become
like a shadow in the moon…

Saving the gods

Like a fortune teller of portobello
moon reads tonight
the mountain lines,
pain as a punishment …
In th torn cavities
like chinese caves
it creates a beacon
across my nostalgia .
And i keep lying to myself
the desire eclipses
Inside the full circle
touching the hands
the gods…
Moon reads the midnights,
lastely the mornings


I know,
I know like a monk
remember and give it to me
like a shadow of skepticism
all dressed in black
a fake crown,
they try to keep you away ,
away from the sects
of the ancestors ,
because there is no mask …
and right there at this moment
Magical violins start the orchestra
of the peaceful universe…

Half Eve, half Marie

Painfully i keep away
every start of new beginnings
half Eve
half Marie
I am out of every perceptions
out of your dreams now.
Half Eve
Half Marie

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