Poetry: Sangeeta Sharma

Sangeeta Sharma
Niagara Falls

They stole my heart away
Breath-taking, bewitching
Majestic and mesmerizing!
Flowing with the racy waters
Miles together
I rose and ebbed
I sighed and swayed
Moaned and heaved
Cascading down from the heights
Hitting below the boulders
Sprung up high as the spray
Sprinkled across the bay
Ensconced again in the depths
Again rollicking to the roar
Gyrating with the waves
Waltzing on the rainbow
What oomph!
Wowed and crazed
Gave my heart away!!!


A voluptuous lake rests                                       
Under the wooden bridge
Wide expanse of aquamarine
Till the reach of the eye
You gaze at it and gaze
Ceaseless, spellbound
Sipping droughts not of water
But of the enrapturing sight

Senses loosen,
You feel healed and unbound
By the panoramic view
For more and more you crave
Under the open azure sky

Blue expanse ahead
Blue expanse above
Velvety sapphirine clots
Making a slow movement
In the sky
The super beatific sight!

Looking aloft and below
Is healing, inspiring
An epiphany:
Nature is Truth
And Truth, Nature

Nothing beyond
And Nothing beside!


Not just one
It was a pair:
A peacock, a peahen
Walking and pecking in the grass
Of a plush neighbourhood.

It was sheer delight
To gawk at
The most beautiful bird
Colourful with oodles of grace
From such close quarters
With her shimmering blue and green plumage

The peahen takes a flight and
Settles on a branch
Of a jamun tree
Adorning the iridescent head crown
 Epitome of grace, pride, and beauty

But lo!
Suddenly drops from the tree
And instantly attacked by a dog below
The other develops tremors
And its neck twists.

Adherence to biosecurity measures:
Insecticides and herbicides,
Encroachment, poaching
And scarcity of water-
the main causes
Of the plummeting numbers

Calls for conservation measures.

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