Saikat Gupta Majumdar (Voices Within)

Saikat Gupta Majumdar, is a bilingual poet. He resides in Kolkata. He works in a private organisation in ‘Accounts Division’ His hobby is writing poems, rhymes captions and short stories both in English and Bengali. His main focus is on his English poems which have got published in various online magazines including the US based bilingual magazine ‘SETU’ so far. Apart from online magazines he has successfully contributed in ‘Indology’, the Raigunj (W.B,India) based little magazine in Book form.

The blossom and the withered one

In the corner of a street
A flower shop facing at the road
Displays the lovely, charming ones
From the common roses to unknown
With variety of each kind
In bunches, single or garlands.

The people of the town
Step in out of urge or eager
In their ups & down all the day
From the children to couples
And aged old fellows
For passion, grim or gay.

One day, while a kid stood in
Before the sight of flowers
Exploring each one in wonder
Suddenly, noticed an old fellow
Thin and feeble with bearded cheeks
Starring at him from a little far.

Smiled slowly as he looked back
And then came to him in weak steps
‘You are loveliest of all indeed’
‘And you?’ the kid asked back
Smiled again the man fingering at a board
“The flowers that have withered are in no need” .

The Two Cases

It was a dark night
The traveller saw a car moving on street
Without a driver inside
He turned back and about to run in fear,

“It failed to start, -please help”
He looked back getting a human voice
The driver was pushing from the back
So no one was found to steer.

Another man was found to mourn
Sitting on a sea beach
As the reason was asked
People got surprised each,

He kept a diamond ring under the sand
Just below a milk white cloud
After a while, as it passed away
The ring was no longer found.

Both the cases are funny enough
However, a basic difference lies,
Circumstance made traveller fool in first one
But the man on beach was foolish and unwise.


The long prayer was over with the bell
Closing eyes in rest room by the church boundary,
The father could see a bright man full of youth---
And could hear the name ‘R-i-i-ck-y’ ‘R-i-c-k-y’
From audience Gallery.

The rising singer on the stage
With a mind blowing song –‘let’s fly in blue’,
And magical tune in guitar
A big applaud by fans---
And mobbed after the show too. .

Kept floating with a boat in ocean of dreams
Crashed into a black rock ‘Mac’
A notorious man,
Allured him to make millionaire overnight
As he cherished a dream to be so
Got tempted at once….

In the evening on illuminated stage
And at noon in solitary places in disguise
With small packs of drug to sell
Aiming to be the richest.

The ill-fate suddenly came
With being entrapped by police-in-disguise
Repented a lot behind the bar for years ----,
Met a saint after acquittal --
And was inspired by sacred tales of ‘Jesus’.

He opened his eyes in rest room -slowly…….
Hearing ‘Father John, please come for dinner’
A disciple called him gently.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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