GRAND SPECTACLE: A poem by Chandra Shekhar Dubey

Chandra Shekhar Dubey
Broken in heart carrying our bags and children
On our backs sweltering, sweating and panting
We were painting our great spectacle of endless march
To distant lands like migratory birds in search of their sky.
We were walking barefooted with pangs of hunger
and burdens of broken dreams like clouds in dark firmament.
We were walking to our distant homelands as aliens in our own country.
Fears writ large on our gloomy faces, hope in our sunken eyes
For completing our odyssey, faltering and falling
Driven by our life wish, knowing not what destiny awaits us
On the way or at the end of our endless journey?
Were we sitting on the heaps of ashes?
We gathered from their homes bit by bit?
What made us to cling to our frail hope?
We know not, we understand not.
Why were we seeking shelters in the land of strangers?
Among the uncapacious souls?
Neither that city nor they were ever our loving homies
Yet, we staggered our toil to make their dreams real
Selling our sweating labour with scant wages.
To keep them warm and cosy and to be thrown out
When we needed them most.

Here, we go stranded, faceless and nameless
On highways, railway tracks, streets for life or death?
Who will remember our ordeal saga of sufferings?
Perhaps, none but those deserted winding roads
On which we treaded to our long destinations
With heads on with hovering clouds of uncertainties.

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