Poetry: Syed Ali Hamid

The grip of the snake loosens
The ghost recedes
after a painful exorcism
A turbulence,
is laid to rest.
The breeze from the distant mountains
fans the face
An expectation of peace
denied all along
with a faint hope.

But suffering remains
knocking at the door
of loneliness
Dried tears
battered heart
regrets, repentance
hurt, pain.
Nothing changes.

Yet I smile
entertain with my wit,
a charm inherited
from my father
silent suffering
from my mother,
a combination for survival
a struggle that still remains
as I approach sixty-six
exhausted, drained,
but still alive.


                                                                                                      --Syed Ali Hamid
From a Temple near Almora
where physical beauty of nature blends
with silent spirituality,
quiet meditation
with the sound of bells and conch shells,
Golu Devta
the revered deity of Kumaun
dispenses justice.

Devotees with written petitions
sometimes on stamp paper
offer prasad,
and with hands folded,
eyes closed
pray for justice
before tying the petition
on the row of bells,
evidence of justice
delivered to many.

Years back,
victims of a sadist vice chancellor
we too tied our petition
when nothing seemed to work,
and soon enough a bell
was added to the Temple
testimony of  malignancy defeated
by the quiet power
of Goljyu.

Syed Ali Hamid, poet, translator, Professor of English (now retired) has four books of poems to his credit. He lives in Almora and can be reached at syedali.hamid2@gmail.com

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