Poetry: Gary Beck

Gary Beck
Benefits of the Internet

The more we learn
at the punch of a button
the more we can do
with knowledge acquired,
as access to all
allows unrestricted freedom
to use information
for good, evil, diversion,
creating an ethics question
of right and wrong
to letting anyone
do what they want,
including terrorism,
as we wonder
who will control the genie
let out of the bottle.


Symptoms of persecution
are distressingly normal
in a deceptive society
constantly untrustworthy,
where the lies, big and small
confuse the information flow
on the electronic highways,
so far removed from verification
we can no longer separate
fact from fiction.

Know Thy Oppressors

After Congress displayed
indifference to the suffering
inflicted on the people
because they would not agree
on fiscal policy,
the loss of jobs, services,
further weakened
a staggering nation
already reeling
from economic woes,
making us yearn
for old-fashioned corruption
rather than basic greed,
eroding the fabric
of a troubled land.

Odds Are

Double or nothing
always seems a daring bet.
Unless you have nothing to lose,
and if the value of double
is not life changing
the rush is ephemeral,
the reward minimal,
results concluding
with smug victory,
resentful defeat.

Assault Team

Traffic clogs the roads
cars, buses, taxis, trucks,
many driving recklessly,
all emitting toxins
courtesy of
the oil industry
more concerned with profit
than the human condition,
survival of the earth
a matter of indifference,
as long as the wealthy
maintain their comforts.

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