Poetry: Paramita Mukherjee Mullick

The queen of thrill, adventure and mystery.
The indomitable, unparalleled Agatha Christie.
Her books were my fodder in the early teens.
A mystery weaver like her has never been.
With sixty-six novels and fourteen short story collection.
She gives us a variety of theme selection.
Dame Commander of the British Empire.
Her stories put your imagination on fire.
It is hard to believe that she had six rejections before being published.
It is a lesson that there is hindrance before you get accomplished.
The best-selling fiction writer of all times.
For her, all around the world the bells of appreciation chimes.
Index Translationum documents that her work has the most translations.
She is a pride to her great nation.
I wish I had watched her “Mouse Trap” at West End.
The world’s longest running play from 1952 and still to end.
Who can forget the ace detective Hercule Poirot in her books?
The egg-shaped head, huge mustache, the very ‘foreign look’.
Or Miss Marple the quiet little lady with sparkling eyes.
Unassuming but for her investigating brains all will vie.
With her exposure to digging expeditions in the Middle East.
“Murder in Mesopotamia” and other books were written for our eyes to feast.
Nursing wounded soldiers in the first and second world wars.
Christie learned about poisons while giving others succour.
“And then there were none” is a wonderful mystery.

The children’s author with silvery hair.
Who writes about insects, birds and animal lairs.
The very young author of seventy.
With the agility and alertness of a twenty.
Bringing Science to children in a loveable manner.
In Children’s literature she is the forerunner.
With twenty- three books in her goodie bag.
Teaching children about nature is her tag.
With international awards like the Rex Karma Veer Award.
She marches with her books forward.
Her microbiology background helps her to the core.
Her BNHS collaboration has brought her talents to the fore.
She is an expert in Entomology* and Ornithology*.
So children get to know about insects and birds so easily.
Writing in lucid and crisp language every day.
Helping children in every way.
Her drawings are something to be seen.
With her words she is painting the earth green.
She feels with her work, she makes children aware
About inclusiveness and nature care.
Katie Bagli, she is one of her kind.
An author like her is hard to find.

Bio: Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick is a scientist by education, educationist by profession and a poet by passion. She has five published books and two are in the process of publication. Her poems have been published in numerous national and international. Some of her poems have been translated into several languages and one into thirty one languages including Bulgarian, Italian, Uzbek, Spanish, Filipino and Indonesian. She has started and is the President of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library Mumbai Chapter. She has been blessed with many awards including the Gold Rose from Argentina for promoting literature and culture.

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