Trilogy Poetry: Intertwining of the Mind, Body, and Soul!

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.
Poetry Form Description: "Trilogy Poetry" proliferates the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and soul (“Three Entities”)! Its essential thesis symbolizes integration, cooperation, and inspiration. The poem is longer than "Lines of Antiquity of Microbes" by Arum Saroyan. It’s not less than two regular stanzas forming an octave in poetic notations. It’s not as long as the epic Mahabharata, regarding the Kuru Kingdom. It ends with no more than twenty-four lines like a Pantoum poem or Claudette sonnet. The poem may comprise of any imaginative architecture to arrive at its encapsulating end. No requirement exists for the use of Shakespearean iambic pentameter, interlocking rhyming schemes, or syllabic accentuations. This is just a purely down-to-earth and people-centric poetry form. The thesis relates to three entities of either: a  person, place, or thing. The corresponding theme should enunciate unity, balancing of vision, and overcoming. There should be incorporated an inference of hindrance, creating tension; thus, requiring self-exploration, leading to clarity and overcoming victoriously on the ensuing journey. 

The following are two examples of the "Trilogy Poetic Form" created by me on June 19, 2020.

Leading The Way With Your Blessed Amazing Grace!
Inspiring blessed God: "Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."
Inter-connectedness of the most gracious Triune Creator of life.
Good Friday to Easter Sunday requires rolling the stone away
Erasing life's sting with everlasting resurrection inspirational grace.

Judas symbolizes Goliath to many in opposition of their faith
We believe in doing all things through Your omnipotent strength.
Doubt was never meant to be an aversion in Your kingdom
The shining path of light illuminates the way to Your holy ground.

An inspiring vision of not turning back stimulates enhancing spirits
Removing dark clouds for the arriving golden sun rays at dawn.
Darkness only last for a moment in time for resting the body
Gathering valuable thoughts of great news to share along the way.

With love, self-discovery, and stimulation of the senses, we embrace
You’re leading the way, and we're abiding with Your loving grace!

Author's Notes:  This "Blessed Trinity" poetry form meets all the requirements. It displays a foundational thesis. The theme is evident. It surpasses the octave length of eight lines and is written in a sonnet format. The rhyming scheme is absent. The trilogy is evident with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hindrances are defeated, and the journey ends in abiding grace!

Trilogy of Non-Violence: Rev. King Jr., Attys. Mandela and Gandhi!

The “Trilogy of Non-Violence” advocates--uplifted worldwide humanity
Humanity to behold another form of triumph defeating the struggle of life.
Life, where all souls are valuable and with love, are overcoming hate
Hate! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states is, "Driven out by the light."

Light of the world for all to see shining bright, eliminating darkness
Darkness, which Attorney Nelson Mandela survived in gloomy dungeons.
Dungeons of despair trying to rent his spirit and soul without relent
Relent, he withstood and overcame with God's grace, seeking no revenge.

Revenge develops turmoil in the mind, body, and soul—"So agonizing!”
Agonizing the spirit to attempt ill will toward others with violence.
Violence Attorney Mahatma Gandhi pronounced is inferior to nonviolence
Nonviolence is strength emanating from an indomitable will of humanity.

Humanity diligently erasing images of the beast displaying such ugliness,
Rev. Dr. King, Jr. Attorneys Mandela and Gandhi replaced it with loveliness!

Author's Note: This “Trilogy of Non-Violence” advocacy poem is written in the "Linking Pin Sonnet" form and style, developed by me on January 15, 2007, while studying English literary science, dynamic creative writing, African Diaspora, and Japanese lotus poetic linguistics, at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. USA, Attorneys Nelson Mandela, South Africa, and Mahatma “Bapu” Gandhi, India, all advocated nonviolently; thus, created the "Trilogy of Non-Violence." 


  1. Thank you very much my dear friends at Setu Journal for publishing my new poetry form "Trilogy Poetry" for all to read, enjoy, and practice. Have an awesome day, don't forget to pray, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, mindful, enlightened, and blessed always!

  2. It's superb dear brother,both the poems are reflections of your own persona.Loved reading.G0d bless.
    Greetings to you.


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