Five Poems of Mirza Sibtain Beg

Mirza Sibtain Beg
1. Diamond and Glass

Diamond told glass with puissant pride,
“I’m more precious, world is in my stride”,
“Certainly you are”, glass politely replied:
“I’m of pretty worth, people have you hide”,
Diamond with gusto says, you know me that bride,
Braces her brow with my coruscant glossy glide,
Glass gaily says, it is he who gives her blushes’ ride,
Her image in me gives wings her fly for joyride,
Diamond puffed with pride and sighed:
Even speckle glistered with wonders glorified,
Glass toms “ I never let custodians deride”,
But you turn people swashing when have beside,
Diamond boos that when lost, riches turn down side, 
Broken or lost I don’t give jitters, glass replied.
Diamond grinned “cut, clarity, colour, carat incises price”
Glass guffawed” like ganglion his worth not turns guise”.     
Diamond plumes that a heck of him is miraculous guide:
Creating euphoria in medical science with vantage testified,
Glass too is not lag behind, has many sectors occupied:
Telecom, ophthalmology, optics fields are gratified.
Diamond’s pride eventually melted and he smiled: 
“Become my friend as both are of worth and satisfied”,
Glass heaved a deep sigh and got pacified, 
Both concurred that God’s mystery is rarefied,
Pride is not a trait and must be decried,
All gifted with traits and are dignified.

2. Horrific Halloween Halo 

Opalescent October ends with horrific Halloween halo,
Poltergeists, portents, zombies walk in skeleton shallow,
Celtic god gathers all evil spirits scaring with his hello,
Druids chant under oak lure Samhains with beast’s marrow.
Pastel light turns blue with howls of wolves,
Owls shriek follows striptease of werewolves,
Stars swallows fire, crows caw, Lepidus drools,
Moonlit turns ominous, goblins with moos of bulls.
Peasants appease demons and satiating their chalice,
Hallowed pumpkins, embers sapped apples hang at trellis,
Ward off evil spirit grimacing face with direful lipsticks,
Night will turn dreary, evil spirits will strain our stasis.
Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub grace with gaudiness,
Dracula will woo women with guile and his freakishness,
Demons lure children with candyfloss’s all sweetness,
Hold the nerves tight trounce their tricks and treats with boldness. 

3. I’m a Soldier on Mission

I’m a soldier set out on a sacred mission,
Boarded a volitative chariot to serve nation,
With elderly father’s benison, tears of in trepidation,
Wilted mother’s blessings armed me shun contrition.

My betterhalf buzzed off to bid adieu with valour,
A child in lap, other was in womb to nurture, 
Looked upon me with hope the hapless brother,
Sister swaggered to drape me with amulet tricolor.
Audacity and alacrity is my trademark,
To be calm in fortitude is my hallmark,
Dispel aura of pusillanimity is my trademark, 
Bamboozle and browbeat enemy is my benchmark.
Joined the bandwagon to fight the enemy like myrmidon,
Major informed about demise of mother not to tell the son,
Told to return as it baptism of fire, could fight ever and anon,
My mother’s teachings titillated me to be ever spot on.

Torn between loyalty to mother and duty to motherland,
Chose latter over former with conviction and firm stand,
Platoon’s gumption forced enemy to genuflect and bland,
Pongo’s heroics left indelible imprints on the time’s sand.

4. A Candle in the Wind

Humans! Herald the trumpet of Peace:
Lilt, and light up a candle in wind,
Defy ignorance, define light with heartsease,
Acquiesce aromatic aroha and altruism twined.
God has bestowed a candle lit with humanity,
Our endeavour must be to keep it alight,
Typhoon of turbulence flitters it with temerity,
Homosapiens extend palm save it upright.
At school, are given candle of knowledge,
Teachers teach spread its light far and wide, 
Life puddles in compassion for servility spillage,
Smoke winnowing spur spirit brave terror’s tide. 
The candle flickers, run rampant let not extinguish,
Mother told to lick at caldron and leave as legacy,
A chain must pass on for humanity to flourish,
Uphold the mantle of peace, brotherhood with ecstasy.
Human’s homeostasis symphonises with peace,
Menorah’s luminance concords haute harmony,
Candle lit in wind radiates rainbow of human pleas,
Peace procreates pearly glint with gleam of eternity.
A candle lit in wind transcends transient worldliness,
Augers to build world dawns with songs of oriole,
Peace pilfers from veils of sunshine with daintiness,
Day purpurates, sky azure, moonlit muzzles candle’s insouciance.

5. When You Smile…

When you smile, bright blizzard blows,
Shreds of my soul shine, heart stows,
With jocundity and jouissance’ throes,
The Diaphanous dale of raptures flows.
When you smile, flowers blush,
Your glance buckles breeze crush,
Dale dances, waves sing slush,
Pearl oozes from oyster with glister gush.
Your smile is silage to my every dilemma,
Propitiates to prod to placate every trauma,
Hones my efficacy with vivacious aroma,
Chortles to channelize nerves with charisma.
Your smile glistens my heart as frost to rose,
Serves as serendipity and chagrins all my foes,
Flaunting silky hairs’ musk levitates me on toes,
Resuscitates from doldrums disparaging sorrows.
When you smile my heart sings hymn of love,
The radiance writ on thy face reflects Eden’s glow,
Shards of sentient spirit saps angst from the brow,
Rejuvenates me with jocund jests seeing me low.
When you smile, my zodiac shines,
Gloom dooms, pensiveness declines,
Destiny kisses, portents undermines,
Bower of joys stroll, and desire pines.
Your smile ekes out a feel of heavenly delight,
Your smile transmits torch of tangerine twilight,
Your smile turns sanguine and sagacious sprite,
Your smile will fetch a chariot for eternal flight.

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