Poems by R. P. Singh

R. P. Singh
1. Squalor it sustains

Longing gives way 
yet crimson comes the charm, 
anxiety sobs smitten in bed, 
valour so drifts apart.

Squalor it sustains,
so the ambitions…
envy with jealousy in fullest of the fun.

The wounds, there, flicker 
yet no ointment’s demand.

May you have enjoyed the taste 
painted lips just putting the stamp
the liquid throbbing up to the brim,
And the discourses on.

2. Ali Zaidi no more!

Ali Zaidi is no more.
From Victoria street 
to Petersburg,
his thoughts complain 
across the shore,
Ali Zaidi is no more!

A connoisseur of some warmer lot 
a sickle estranged to cut itself 
Ali Zaidi is no more...

He fought future,yet termed buffoon,
explained Banaras and Agha Meer,
Ali Zaidi is no more …

Success sees mirage to some 
success, yet sustains on run.
For some it flows apart 
slipping and saddling the counterpart.
The question is no more! 

Boozing brackets have made a cross 
protested word has felt like crossed,
contents too, perhaps no more 
Ali Zaidi, no more.

Tremors, tortures, 
some hidden under pass, 
explained he Nazneens with sighs of Kimam,
a jocund philosopher 
so termed a buffoon, 
saga smothered his existence so soon!

3. This raining Sun

And so the stones of thought
this wet street 
the sprawling park.
This raining Sun and charming charm 
petals yet to yawn.
Falls clock tower, 
raining streets to pebble,
yea, they bring some lazy songs 
shadowed along.
Red stones, new red stones 
and Asifi Imambara enclosed 
petals, charms and songs 
AND tales, and days,
they reel along.

4. The ten Biswa land

He grew
Yes, he grew 
like the grey so hair,
the skull finding 
convulsions of move, 
he so grew from rustic to sod.

The ten Biswa land 
brought several wheels, 
and yes something more 
but for Kanhai, peace is lost 
and the Addas too.

5. Saddling fortune

He couldn’t afford more morsels 
to sentiments 
and to raven go around,
some more performance 
before the full stop.
Dances he at the tune of mood 
the nib, yet, strands to move.
A new romance 
so seeds the brazen skull 
chuckling sheathing jaws 
so young 
in the frenzied outbreak.
Bhullu so berserk 
and so stranded 
moaning, galloping 
and in sights 
saddling fortunes 
for the nibs.


  1. Thoughts wrapped in unbounded emotions and end , only to begin with.... great poetry!

  2. Enthralling compositions by a versatile genius, Prof. Dr. RP Singh Sir. These collections are likely to be a guidance for the readers who go through them.

  3. Reading these compositions is a wonderful opportunity for me. These great works may provide great experiences for the reader, not only an emotional experience, but also a cultural experience. Thank you very much for sharing these poems. 🙏🙏🌷


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