Ranu Uniyal: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Ranu Uniyal
To you I surrender 

O my Lord! 
This verse of mine will quell my grief 
If I add thy name to my vocabulary.  

O my Lord! 
This dress of mine will feel like silk 
If only I stitch it with thy thread of love. 

O my Lord! 
This blood of mine will give me strength 
If you mix in it thy healing touch.  

O my Lord! 
This breath of mine will shed its impurity
If it feels you flowing through my veins.  

O my Lord! 
This body like an envelope will keep me safe 
If you hold me tight with thy wisdom.  

O my Lord! 
This life of mine will be free from disappointment 
If you take away from me all my desires.  

O my Lord! 
This soul of mine will unfold thy face 
If you bless me now with thy eternal grace.

Let the soul speak 

The day I realized 
I am a guest 

I laid my enmity to rest 
The moment it dawned 

I am a pawn 
I gathered my frown 

And swept the lawn 
The hour it struck 

I might fall 
At the next call 

I started dancing 
As if at a ball.  


  1. To you I surrender presents a superb mingling of a prayer with heart-felt desires. So fresh and original.
    Congratulations,Ranu Uniyal.

  2. Let the soul speak is about the freedom that one can bring oneself by realizing the transitory nature of our life. Congratulations again,Ranu Uniyal

    1. Thank you dear Dr Deepak Sharma for your encouraging remarks. You are an inspiration.


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