Poetry: Supatra Sen

Supatra Sen
The Hills Are Alive

A sudden veil of fog
And through it some phantom figures
In slow-paced motion
Enacting fragments of memories…
The winding road to the Mall
Clippity-clop of the horses’ hooves
Oaks and pines standing tall
Despite the hail and snow
A sparkling youngster
With a gentle father
A prized camera
Limited shots…seeking eyes
Soaking the mild sun
Almost a dream sequence
Far far below lies the town
Wisps of smoke

Time…and years
Tired limbs no longer
Carry me to mountains
Heights scare 
The view from the top
Has lost its spell
Only when a sudden fog descends
The urban clouds
Conjure those magical peaks
Where I had once promised
To return
And raise a toast…
How green was my valley then….


Time to clear old things
Time to renew
The house and décor
Must be pleasing to view

And the wardrobe’s no exception
Space…. more space
In desperate effort 
To remain in the race

The coat still intact 
Needs be replaced
So also the cardigans
Mother once knitted

Clothes with colours fast
Bring no joy… nor spring
But speak of stillness
And dust…
From which we refrain

Grandma’s shawl, father’s shirts
Must find their way
To the obscure dirt
Pretty frocks and long skirts
Familiar smells haunting feels
To be left behind
Life’s a fast forward
Never never a rewind

The shoes that paced and raced
Dragged and chased
Are finally gone
The war may be lost
But the battle is won

Lies…or Truth

Is everything fine ? 
At college ? Friends ? Classes ?
Mother would ask in a feeble voice
Yes yes of course
Just as they should be…
Has Sir completely recovered ?
She’d ask of my mentor
Doing well…the murmured reply
She then would reverently say
We are of the same age nearly…
How’re Snigdha Di…Vibha in Delhi
They’re strong…and sound
In good spirits
And Neelanjana’s parents ?
They’re all by themselves…
Carrying on well
And you ?
Now…what exactly is wrong with me !!
Her eyes pierced me through…
Then looked far far away
So many lies…
For that one ultimate Truth
Love…and Love

The Lamp Was Lit

An unending stretch of pitch black
Came on suddenly
As all darknesses do
Without warning
Thought it would end soon
A little more…a few more minutes
Then there would be Light 
And overcoming
But this was getting darker
Deeper, gripping
My fists were clenched
A last effort to fight…and survive
With the engulfing darkness
Was the sound of water 
Dripping first 
Then as in a flood

And then 
A faint ray of light
The weak light of a torch
But there…There
Gasps of relief
My co-passengers…
The faint beam
Was gaining strength
The lamp had been lit…
Ending the deathly silence
Our destination was nearing
Paradise on Earth

Strong enough now to look around
The darkness less menacing
A crucial part of the journey
To the celestial
The light blinked… unsteady
And then a gentle voice
Don’t worry, I’m grasping it tight
Will hold it through this black
You knew all the time? And never warned me!!
You would have overlooked
The splendor and magnificence
And I had the torch
For you
Walk on… my li’l girl
Ever onwards


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