Editorial (Febuary 2021)

Sunil Sharma

This February, the focus is on the writers from the West and the special edition on "Western Voices" curated by the noted poet Scott Thomas Outlar is an annual delight for the connoisseurs of fine poetry.

Some select 31 poets articulating unique visions and experiences through imagery, sound and form, for their audiences.

A great ensemble of talents that captures the many moods and nuances of being alive and other realities of existing in a world going absurd in many ways.

Art is the only medium that confronts these ugly truths and tries to show the path forward.

Need not say, Scott Thomas Outlar has done a terrific job of showcasing these signatures from the West, already creating a place for their works there.

A pleasure to host this yearly party!


The general section has also got some stimulating writers in prose and poetry sections, apart from reviews and translation that will give the reader the joy of reading in darker times.

We thank the guest editor Scott and all the esteemed contributors for their kind support to the bilingual, monthly journal that will soon touch two million hits worldwide.


The threat of Covid-19 is not yet over. There are clusters and spikes reported globally; some nations calling it as the second wave.

We need to be cautious and strike a balance between a quarantine existence, work and life. Vaccines are on the way---some hope is on the horizon for the battered humanity.

Hope eternal!


During such pandemics, literary imagination frees us and makes us visit far-off realms and regions, and, escape the grimness for a better world-order, as imagined and re-imagined by the artists---ordinary folks seeking sublime and beauty in most unlikely spots and places on the ravaged mother earth.

These writings tend to provide such a needed outlet in these troubled times and bring relief.


Meanwhile, take care and do write in!

Your response is vital and keeps us motivated.


All the best! 

Sunil Sharma,

Editor, Setu (English)
Mumbai Metro Area, Maharashtra (India)

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