Women Poetry: Ms. Shafinur Shafin, Bangladesh

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Shafinur Shafin


They say, “cover your hair! They are so misleading!”
She says, “how does my hair mislead you!
You powerful man, can’t you ignore my hair?”
They say, “No! We get tempted, we become weak
Seeing these snaky hairs! We feel as if Satan calling us
with his illusive voice- trying to feed us forbidden fruit
We believe it’s no one but you- women 
Having a sinned body and beauty with slutty smile
Yes, whenever we see you smile at us-
 we know you must be a slut 
Are you not ashamed of yourself!?”
They started pelting stones on us
Is it the way they make our body bloody-sinned
With forever rules and punishment? 


How many days have we made a mistake
Thinking life will be a simple one if we are in love!
One day I will stop knocking your door
This fear will wake you up in the evening

I water the trees.
The tea tray comes, the biscuit pieces
Fall to the bottom of the cup
The calling bell rings, door opens
Enters the noise of love 
As mundane
Where it hides 
You crave sleep
And me- my survival

Shafinur Shafin from Bangladesh is an English and Bangla poet and translator, and an academic. She has a poetry collection and a translation work to her credit. Her Bangla poems have been translated into several languages. Shafinur is the poetry-editor of an e-zine Prachya Review. As she cannot paint, she attempts to create image with the power of words. Her English poems have been included in two anthologies published from New York and Philippines, and also her poems and interviews have appeared in several national and international magazines. She has successfully organized Prachya Review’s first virtual poetry event in June, 2020 in collaboration with Tong-Ghor Talkies. 

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  1. From the beginning to till now we are responsible for all the bad deeds.��


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