Poetry: Radia Al Rashid

Radia Al Rashid
Battle of Life

When life gives you millions of reasons to BACK OFF from the fight..

Turn around bravely and SHAKE OFF the exhaustion to stand upright...

When the only solution seems to CRY

Wipe off the tears and give it another TRY

The moment you'll feel there's a CRACK

you know it's time to get BACK on TRACK

If you feel so BROKEN inside. ..

Just know you need to AWAKEN to stride.

Whenever you'll COMPARE yourself with others...

Stop it right there to instead PREPARE yourself for the future..

If life roars to STOP...

Well. Needless to say there lies another HOPE...

if you love to BLAME others for every single matter. ..

Maybe this is the time to NAME your flaws to TAME them forever. .

Instead of being immensely DEPRESSED

get yourself a chance to breathe and take a DEEP-REST.

I know it's so easy to be sad and SLOPPY

It's your willpower which can make you actually HAPPY..

When the surrounding will shout out to KILL YOURSELF..

Smile at them and instead choose to HEAL YOURSELF....



Radia Al Rashid is an undergrad student at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. She is currently doing her undergrad thesis from the Department of English and Humanities. She has been writing creative pieces including poems, short stories, flash narratives, novellas and novels from the early years of her university life. Two of her novellas were published on the HayDay section of the newspaper, THE DAILY TRIBUNAL. She recently published two of her novels on Bookrix.com. She has also been a sub-editor of her University’s departmental magazine, MUSE.

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