Poetry: Stefan Bohdan

Stefan Bohdan
The Fire of Love


If I could I would …


reach up into the night sky

rearrange the stars with a poetic hand

until it is written in fire on the vault of heaven

that you are mine

and I am yours

until the end of time.


If it were allowed in your land …


for west to pursue east

and east to pursue west

we would chase each other’s hearts

around the fire of love

until I catch you

and you catch me

orange sparks winged glow and swirl

ignite the black night bright.


In my dream undying …


inside a stone temple carved for our love


twin flames naked burn

on a bed of rose petals spread

a god’s goddess unveiled

from ringed toes and ringed nose to vermilion head

stripped down to nothing but tradition’s scars

her old gold and silken threads red

an offering at the foot of my bed

two arranged into one flesh

a beautiful thing a violent thing

our lovemaking a sacred dream

in a field of yellow flowers blooming

under the fiery stars of her ancestors

the prayer wheels spin and sing

ancient mantras that repeat like snowy mountains

ancient mantras that echo of our wedding song:

The Fire of Love ~


Stefan Bohdan lives in Orlando, Florida USA. He is retired from the architectural/engineering/construction world. He now spends his time writing poems and novels. His English poems have been published in multiple books, anthologies, journals, newspapers, e-zines and translated into Persian (Farsi), Arabic, Urdu, Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, Estonian, French, Spanish, old Japanese, Dutch, Afrikaans, Turkish, Italian, Malayalam, Assamese, Tamil, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Hebrew, Filipino, Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a. He also writes reviews for poetry books. He is internationally published and has collaborated with poets, translators and artists from around the world. He is the founder of Third Eye Butterfly Press.

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