Stefan Bohdan

Stefan Bohdan

Stefan Bohdan (Scott Lee Bogden) lives in Orlando, Florida USA. He is retired from the architectural/engineering/construction world. He now spends his time writing poems and novels. His English poems have been published in multiple books, anthologies, journals, newspapers, e-zines and translated into Persian (Farsi), Arabic, Urdu, Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, Estonian, French, Spanish, old Japanese, Dutch, Afrikaans, Turkish, Italian, Malayalam, Assamese, Tamil, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Hebrew, Filipino, Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a, and Albanian. He also writes reviews for poetry books. He is internationally published and has collaborated with poets, translators and artists from around the world. He is the founder of Third Eye Butterfly Press. 

Stefan Bohdan was born in 1966 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, lived in Jamaica and Iran, and has traveled the world. He currently lives in Central Florida with his wife and dogs. He is the father of five adult children: three females and two males. He is also a grandfather.

Stefan has been a construction laborer, a land/road surveyor, an estimator, a manual draftsman, a CADD technician, a designer for state/national/international architectural and engineering and construction firms, a licensed building contractor, and has owned his own business designing custom homes. He has been a community college student who received his Associates in Arts degree (Seminole Community College) and is a university dropout: a former student of Computer Engineering (University of Central Florida).

An addiction, and the health and legal problems associated with it, ended his university scholarship and cost him employment with some of the largest architectural and engineering firms in the world. It also cost him an employment offer from NASA/Kennedy Space Center. Clean and sober since 2007, he reinvented himself as a poet. He currently works for a small engineering company as an electronics assembler (days) and as a poet and publisher (nights).

Stefan enjoys writing poetry and creating pencil and charcoal drawings, abstract paintings, Turkish limestone sculptures, and multiple-exposure photography using his Lubitel/USSR camera. He loves reading poetry, Russian literature and dystopian novels. He is currently learning Russian, Ukrainian, and Hindi and to play guitar.

For My Muse (2020), God’s Silence a Lion’s Roar (2018), and God’s Breath (2018) are his most recent published poetry books.

Stefan Bohdan can be found on his Amazon Author Page, Third Eye Butterfly Press website, Facebook pages, YouTube channel, and on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.


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