A Poem by Mitali Chakravarty

Mitali Chakravarty
‘All time is unredeemable.’
— Burnt Norton, Four Quartet, TS Eliot
There was a time when we dreamt,
Dreamt of freedom under the blue sky,
Freedom to sing and write,
Freedom to express.
We thought we could forever stay,
Stay with our dreams unchanged,
Live for the songs we sang,
Live to be free.
And then came the frightening night,
Waking up, we saw no light, no day.
We clambered for what we lost, we tried,
We tried but we could not get back that life.
That life that had changed —
Dying was easier than ever before.
The skies were cleared of smog,
Animals roamed. The grass grew wild.
Climate stirred a new tune.
Though they tried, the old
Ways were hard to revive.
Lost, lost to humankind.
Life had forever alchemized.
Perhaps, it was again time,
Time to remodel, to transform.
To start anew on a fresh page
With a new pen, a new hope,
A vibrant different way of life.


Bio: Mitali Chakravarty likes to waft among clouds in quest of a world drenched in love and harmony and in that spirit runs the Borderless Journal. 


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