Poetry: David Francis

David Francis
A Memory

Walking south
I had to take off my coat
needed earlier that morning
now, closer to noon
thinking of a birthday
of a friend
far away
on the West rim
among the crowd
Hell’s Kitchen bound

It Happened

The ghost of the young traveler within,
I tried but couldn’t get lost in the crowd;
was it that I had outgrown the City
or was it that I’d outgrown my own skin?

Two Foreigners

The young man
sits at a wall table,
has trouble with
an offending chair.
It is dusk,
they have put the candles;
not yet night, but falling.
A man
peers around the column
and smiles with recognition—
the look on his face
as he walks up,
and the other’s animation:
happiness, the knowledge
that for a few important hours,
the gist of the night,
loneliness will be driven away,
will be displaced,
the battle not the war

A Performer’s Precepts

A performer is never a victim, perhaps a victimizer….
Never get in an antagonistic relationship with the audience. Be courteous.
Be prompt.
Accept acoustics criticism with grace.
After all, they have to listen.
Always have the vocal up front—the point is to hear the words.
Don’t rush the vocals.
Do not apologize.
Don’t try to second-guess the audience.
Don’t strain your voice.
Treat every gig as important. 


If you ever get lonely
maybe you could write a line
if you have something to say
that is more up my alley
if amidst that company
you’re at a loss suddenly
I see you drifting away
in the chair on your island
past the people real as hulls
it won’t happen so often
that you’ll toss me a lured line
that is a little too fine

Bio: Born in Houston, Texas, David Francis has lived in London, Buenos Aires, and New York.  He has produced six music albums, one of poetry, Always/Far, a chapbook of lyrics and drawings, and Poems from Argentina (Kelsay Books).  In addition, he has written and directed the autobiographical films Village Folksinger (2013) and Memory Journey (2018).  His verse and short stories have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies.  www.davidfrancismusic.com

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