Poetry: Trijit Mukherjee

Trijit Mukherjee
1) The Last Flight

The fastest thing in our cosmos is Time. 
It is faster than the reverie of our fictitious universe.
We think a lot but everything is measurable
no one will be able to get out of it. 
Whether it is a busy life in New York or, 
someone’s desire to get more pain or, 
pray to God for someone, to be together, forever.
it can be cursed any time. 
Ashes of woe are floating in the dead wind. 
discern your back against the wall before the disaster,
if the friendship breaks down, think about it , 
we create our imaginary only when we know that it won’t become reality, 
we are born and we know one day we will surely die. 
Just some undone work, some leftover desire, 
yet some time remains good
even if we could have been better all the Time
The epitaphs did not take place in a terrible way.

2) Ally, will see you  

The time since I have known you 
me always being in solitude,
you came like an anonymous
my feelings saved in multitude. 
I saw you many nights in my world, imaginary
all words are not in my dictionary. 
My all wishes for you, are only in my fantasy
that cannot happen in reality
if that happens I’ll find a wonderful ecstasy
cause some feelings are for an eternity. 
I do not know the definition of love, 
we all like white dove. 
Many rainy days I thought of you, 
you grimly waved at me
like I’m near a seashore
with a breeze that blew against me.
I came near to hate you almost
I couldn’t do that cause of my love, utmost.
My dreams on you are healthy
 like microbes, filthy.
You taught me lessons that cannot be found in a book 
I want to learn more from you 
just don’t impend me by a hook.
I always have my interest in cases of curiosity, 
you are not in my fortune, that’s why I feel anxiety. 
You are precious to me ally
sometimes I feel like a dustbin full of sully. 
I cannot dissuade you, I don’t want to lose you
I got you abruptly, will want to embrace you. 

3) Death of the Doves

The call of birds in the morning sky,
once she stared at me, I felt shy.
sky was dark, with toxic smoke,
bombs were dropping like thunderstroke.

People were running like helpless rats, 
blood drunk by the Vampire bats. 
her eyes flickered, as if she was leaving
we cannot skip our fate by skiving. 

Dark sky has taken the white doves, 
we all have lost our loved ones. 
it was the pain of someone's bereaved,
or the mischievous act of someone we believed.

Black rain was falling from the above sky, 
the dead doves won't again fly. 
I lost her familiar hand, 
as if the corpses have buried in the sand. 

When the dragon's wings flied like cottons
I saw her eyes, like the black buttons. 
tears vanished like camphor
we made our anaphor.
we got a rendezvous that was long away from arena, 
war is always grievous, her name was Serena.

Bio: I am Trijit Mukherjee, lives in Kolkata, a student of English Honours from Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College, Kolkata. I like to express my thoughts through poetry, besides poems I also write essays.

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