Three select poems from Cross-Stitched Words

Chaitali Sengupta

1. Tree life

There grows within me
the limb of a tree,
spreading its roots,
winding deeper down,
where my yesteryears are buried,
fleeced in moss.
And, my scars come up,
on its aged, wrinkled barks.
Its restless wings, carry my youth,
a time bright green.
And the wind on its branches,
unfastens my late years…
an age passes- or is it a life?
I don’t know.

I only know, I gather 
the aroma of silence,
dripping off the ragged edges,
under the humming shadows
of my tree life.
There, in the spirit of the woods,
I lower my sorrows. 

2. Forever is born

Sometimes, the words slip
and slide off the mind,
scatter on the floor,
scratch on the paper,
gnaw at our soul
and shiver into meaning.
Then, a poem is born. 

Sometimes, the words tilt, 
swim in the inkpot,
scratch magic on paper,
combine with our winged dreams,
and flow through us, like rivers.
Then, forever is born. 

3. A Brief Life

Life is nothing but
a floating
a drifting
a slumbering
through the river of time.
diving in
like a pilgrim
collecting memories
like the gems;
resonating briefly
like Mozart’s symphony
through time and space...
and then finally
falling awake
in a piece of no man's land.

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