Voices Within: Sanjeev Sethi

Sanjeev Sethi has authored five books of poetry. He is published in over thirty countries. His poems have found a home in more than 375 journals, anthologies, and online literary venues. Recent credits: Outlook Magazine, Stand Magazine, Erbacee Journal, The Recusant, The Lake, and North Dakota Quarterly. He lives in Mumbai. Find him: Twitter @sanjeevpoems3 Instagram sanjeevsethipoems

Spring 2021

Remember the bewilderment 
of finding yourself 
all alone
in an unfamiliar locale? 
Faces with KN95 masks 
carry that look. 

The unfortunate measure 
of feelings: 
their fizz is fizz. 
This seems to-be long drawn out. 
Sooner we qualify it:
better it’s for our ballast.

Left Field

Your eyes key 
fine compositions 
on the slipperiness 
of sensations, 
arc between bowing 
and being in charge.
I am accustomed 
to another signal. 

Constrains have to collapse. 
I pick up the accidence 
of another expression. 
Who can match the fluency 
of the mother tongue? 
As in my case: 
the language of repining.


Antigodlin frames annoy. 
I persist 
in correcting them. 
Can the real things
ever be counterbalanced? 

Unending avowals apart,
your lips restore my reliance. 
The seamlessness of your absurdities 
sops in my fixedness. 
In suchlike circling, we go on chiming.

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