Poetry: Patricia Furstenberg

Patricia Furstenberg
Blue Thoughts

On a cobalt planet
kissed by an indigo sky,
where azure rivers
dissolve among hills dipped in ultramarine die,
blue is the language to settle,
immerse, expand, and verse,
one with the universal memory 
of the feather ploughing my thoughts.


He dropped by on a mid-afternoon,
a bitter time, with daylight frail,
pine-needle percolated,
black coffee steaming an old heart
on window scrawled, last winter’s tale. 
He dropped by trees all gnarled and twisted,
lank skeletons, bare bones, leaf-bare,
crude among bare joints exposed,
mourning, heartbeat baring
in rough, bare bark.
Student of joy
he dropped by in mood 
removing layer upon layer,
white coats hung  now on twigs,
surprised bare branches,
forest in white whispers dressed.
The daylight dies, yet brightness stays
in wonder from much curious minds
now pouring out, footprints on snow,
the mark that binds him to bare trees,
mark of good news, of winter-shared.

Celebrate These Days

We should always be celebrating
The bird song, the whisper in the trees
The traffic jam, the taxis honking,
The busy life we lead.

We should always be celebrating
The hope that stirs up from our sleep
No matter the name we give it, 
Or the shade of our tears, when we weep.

We should always be celebrating
Where we are at in our lives,
And what we are, a miracle,
God's promise, invincible.

We should always be celebrating
That I am different from you
For your unique being
Makes mine flourish, even if we disagree.

We should always be celebrating
Our equality, two pods in God's open hand
Even if you're taller, seeing life from an askew view,
Or I'm just too smart for you.

We should always be celebrating
The days we become older
Wiser, wrinkled, shorter, bolder or hairier,
We differ on the outside, but are just the same, interior.

We should always be celebrating
Be celebrating always
We should always
Celebrate these days. 

Author Bio: With a medical degree behind her, writer and poet Patricia Furstenberg authored 18 books to date. The recurrent motives in her writing are unconditional love and war, while Patricia’s keen interest for history, folklore and dogs brought her writing, through a perfect loop, to her native Romania, Patricia being the creator of the hashtag #Im4Ro hashtag, sharing positive stories. Her writing appeared online in Romania Insider, Books by Women, Huffington Post UK, Biz Community SA, Secret Attic,  Poetry Potion (South Africa), Masticadores Rumania (Romania), The Poet Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Plum Tree Tavern, Erato Magazine, Visual Verse, Masticadores India, Militant Thistles (The Recusant), The Japan Society Haiku Corner, Medusa’s Kitchen, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Gobblers and Masticadores (Spain), Spillwords Press, and forthcoming:  The Kingfisher Journal, Poetry Pea Journal, Kalahari Review, to name a few. She resides with her family in South Africa.
Social media links: Author Website - Amazon UK / AmazonUS / Amazon worldwide - Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn

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