Hirjir Ingtipi - Karbi

Hirjir Ingtipi
1) Sengve akidopen Inglong Nangkepha

Aningkanvang ason peneng lethotta 
Ne nang akido longlelo,
Kephang’ok apor nanglelote nang nangchini
Ne nangkachingtung litpik puke.

Neta nanglong kevangji aphansi kachesik lelo 
Tame  nangphan kopisi nangkepon pipo ?
Mathalote ne therak duk
Athe nanglongke ajatta do.

Nang puruke kaita plengtir
Ke’ik un’e apuru 
Neke monitbo nening henodak 
Nang ok nangvi nangkangsip kaike mitme pin.

Nangphan nangkepavirji athelok si kiri 
Lapuan aphita 
Nang netum aphan nangkanghon ik'e
Ahok nangke nephan nangsosi nangchekam.

Ne henolejongheta 
Nang netum aphan kanghon kapajir 
Praidetlopu mantuneta chethanthe
Lasi nang nekanghon langroi kili ben sangse.

Jo, nangke peneng lethot ta 
Tara,Hanche, Kangkoroi,Dido, Henru, Hanserong, Arleng ahipi ahan pen
 Nening keter nangkecham.

Nangson aningkeme koma doalang !
Ne nangjinso pik,
Arni arve pupe 
Netum ajoine nang kaike arjapthip.

Inglong !!
Nangphan chorore un’e,
Ne mo thoi lelote nang nekanghon alamo
Monit asengve arlo puthot thandamji.

                    -- 000 --

Translation in English -
A Love Letter from the Hills
Like every year, this year also I received your letter 
You know that when spring unlocks the flower to paint the laughing soil, I miss you a lot

I am ready for my journey 
I keep thinking what to bring for you
Ashamed too!
You have everything 

Your stock is a gift that never ends
I am a human being, I am not a good hearted person
I keep drinking the blood of your liver

I keep doing the work that destroys you
In spite of everything your love for us never ends
Because you consider us your children 

I’m so bad I’am worthless yet you love us 
Like a flowing stream of rivers
Which has remained intact since centuries 

Today you called again,with a whole lot of nourishment 
To splurge with fruits and vegetables from around the world.

Where will we find a donor like you
I feel sorry for you 
Sun or rain,storm or gale
You have always stood for us

We are grateful to you
When I reach my ground,
I will make a place for you in the hearts of men.

2) Nangse Nese Angtong Cheter an sose
Kangting pen katheang aloti soding kedam ahut
Nangle dampijuk ason turbong anta hedi
Neta voku apor kevang aklirdap ason
Nihang anat kaita turbongsi doji.
Hingchong vosokpi atur mansi
Klolin aningve masapta ingtontesi
Samphri, manai ason turbongji
Athema latumsi klolin aphurkimo kachini.
'Li klolin ajo loti kedam ekrongvet
Klolin kachechak un e nangning kasik sak
Neta klolin kachechak un e nening kasik sak
Klolin ajo boipharan sung ong
Nang pen ne klolin ajo kedo chetebok het
Itum echethe kevang charjudet
Nang nisuri aphrang penlo klolin ajo kedo
Neta nisuri aphrang penlo klolin ajo kedo
Ta 'li klolin ajo dorappet pujong
Ne nangphan nanghanghe
Nangta nephan nanghanghe
Itum hotursi kachekam
Jirpo chekamkesi  
Klolin ajo 'li thevin thevan
Kangting pen jirpo kachekam
Pu an boiphon kedo nang.
Vangnon angdi isi chesongra
Angdi isi taramlonang
Taram ra cheter ase paman nang
Kangting saira samphri kimi vanlonang.

The translation in English 
May our voice be louder than lightning 

While analysising the distance between light and darkness 
If you sparkle like a firefly
I too shine like the morning pole star in the mind of the east
Flattering the light of the nebula continuously in the dark night
Shines like the sun and the moon
Because everyone knows the history of darkness 

We both took the path of darkness 
The pain of not tolerating the darkness,my same pain

I can’t muster courage in the dark
We are both around in the dark
Feel the heat of the breath 
You have been in the dark for years,
I am the same

But we were still together 
Neither did you call,nor did I call
We were enemies instead of friends 
We kept playing hide and seek 
Mistook the darkness as a friend 
You are strong enough 
So let’s fight together 
Sound together 
May our voice be louder than lightning 
Bring the light away from the darkness.

Bio-Data: I’am Hirjir Ingti Katharpi. I hails from Karbi Anglong District, Assam, India. Associated with ‘Jambili Literary Foundation’ as a Chairwomen and Co-organiser of ‘Diphu Poetry Festival’ (DLF).

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