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Mandira Ghosh
Cricket Goes to Mars

Mangalyaan Infinity reached the Mars. There was not much traffic on the way and so without any hassles it reached the Mars. Martians were jubilant and welcomed the people from the earth.

Maritians are friendly people and they are fond of cloting hanbels.

Cloting is something like playing.

Hanbels are something like cricket.

Cloting hanbels is something like playing cricket. Maritians speak in a unique language Iotagamtra and are very fond of Geometry err. pluanks

They also liked the astronaut's and our cricketer's  dresses and asked for the designer.

Er Who designs your Jersies..? asked a Martian,

After introduction, the Maritians were told of a tailor of Chandi Chowk, manufacturer of Pantaloon Plaza who made bats errr. quaskas for the Martian.

"We will pay annual visit and purchase the jersy err. komosky and quaskas for our  players err... bandolooms from your planet.

Mangalyaan Infinity also looked for methane on Mars' surface. A sensor attached to the Infinity looked for the gas on Mars. It confirmed that life existed on Mars in the past. The spaceship also carried another instrument called Lyman Alpha Photometer to study the components on the planet's atmosphere. Two more instruments measured the surface components that made up Mars' land mass once upon a time and a camera took pictures. 

The Mars Orbiter went on orbiting the planet. They discovered they were fond of ethaning something similar to gardening. Cute something like plants err. jouba were seen in the planet. Women err. Female Martians cooked or guilated the joubas happily. Animals or arussaz adorned the planet.

There were indeed love between men and Martians, females and joubas, joubas and herarins and herians and men. Thank God, they found the CD like thing that had printed a planet somewhere in the infinite past .It is a story of about 300,000, millions ago. 

Mangalyaan infinity is returning with samples and orders of the  jersy err. komosky and quaskas for their  players err... bandolooms from Mars planet to the one and the only our dear EARTH.


Bio Note: Mandira Ghosh 

Mandira Ghosh is an eminent poet, author, researcher and educator. She is awarded with Author of the year Award 2022, by Asian Literary Society, Bharat Nirman Award and several other awards and honours. She is the Guest Editor of Special Indian Edition of the Seventh Quarry Swansea Magazine from Wales and a recipient of Senior Fellowship from Ministry of Culture, Government of India. She is the treasurer of The Poetry Society India and also in their Editorial Board

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